৭ম শ্রেণির বাৎসরিক সামষ্টিক ও বিষয়ভিত্তিক মূল্যায়ন; ইংরেজি; Day: 3

Subject: English

    Assessment Date: 23/11/2023

Day: 3 [Part:1]

  • Go through the completed comic strip in task 3 again.
  • Identify the theme, characters, settings and plot of the comic strip.
  • Imagine a storyline using these theme, characters, settings and plot of the comic strip.
  • Imagine 2/3 characters that you may need for your storyline.
  • Choose names for each character and think how these characters are related to each other.
  • Discuss and write the dialogues the characters will tell to each other.
  • Arrange the dialogues with the plot of their story.
  • Decide the end part of their story.
  • Decide a title for their story.


Title     : Arranging a picnic

Theme : Adventure, Friendship, Merriment and Togetherness


Palash : A curious, extrovert and adventurous young boy.

Liton   : Palash’s best friend.

Setting : School Playground.

Palash and Liton’s School

Plot      : Two best friends, Palash and Liton met each other in the school playground. Palash offered

Liton that they should arrange a picnic at Sonargaon, a very historically enriched place.

Liton agreed with Palash and both of them started to plan a picnic. Finally they had settle

down all arrangements for the picnic and decided to talk with others.

A dialogue between you and friend Liton about their planning for a picnic

Palash: How do you think of enjoying a picnic?

Liton: A good idea indeed. Let us fix up a date and the venue.

Palash: What about going to Sonargaon next Friday?

Liton: Oh, fine. That is a beautiful and historical place.

Palash: Who will be with us?

Liton: I think all of our classmates and some of our teachers should be with us.

Palash: What should we do now?

Liton : We should at first share our ideas with our classmates.

Palash: You are right. We should also discuss the matter with our class teacher.

Liton : You’re aslo right. Our class teacher can help us to arrange the picnic. He can also discuss with the Headmaster.

Palash: If he does so, we can get some financial help from the school fund.

Liton: We should not waste anymore time. We should start our work from now.

Palash: What will be our transportation?

Liton: I think, bus will be fine and safe.

Palash: You’re right. Where will we start from?

Liton: Definitely from our school’s premises.

Palash: What will be the menu?

Liton: Biriani? Don’t you like it?

Palash: Of course. We’ll cook our food ourselves.

Liton: OK. But remember that I will take my camera to take snapes.

palash: Thank you very much for giving me your valuable time.

Liton: Same here. We’ll meet again soon.

Liton: That’s fine. Goodbye.

Palash: Good-bye.


Palash  : Hello leza! How are you?

Liton    : I am fine and what about you?

Palash  : I am also fine. You might know that we enjoyed a picnic at Maynamati.

Liton    : Oh, I see. I have also planned a picnic at Sonargaon. The scenic beauty of the place  is


Palash  : Yes, I know that Sonargaon is a scenic spot. Who are with you in the picnic?

Liton    : The students of our class organize the picnic. As a student of the class I participate in it.

Our English teacher Hasan Mahmud will accompany with us.

Palash  : I see. Mr. Hasan Mahmud is a very popular and friendly teacher. I think the picnic is more

enjoyable to all of you for him. Can you tell me about the picnic?

Liton    : Sure. On the schedule day about 40 students along with our English teacher will start to the spot by four

micro buses. We will start at 7 am after taking our breakfast.

Palash  : That’s very good. Have you any plan to cook food?

Liton    : Yes, we ourselves will cook biriyani at the spot. Our English teacher will supervise everything.

Actually prepared food can’t give the taste of picnic.

Palash  : Fantastic! However, we also prepared our own food at the spot. Picnic becomes more

enjoyable when foods were preparing at the spot.

Liton    : You are absolutely right. As we cook the foods ourselves, the picnic will become more

enjoyable to us. We will also take our lunch at our heart’s content.

Palash  : Exactly! You can find a different pleasure as well as a different taste when you cook your

own food especially in picnic.

Liton    : Yes, you are absolutely right. However, we will enjoy much on that day. The song, dance,

comic and games also add to our pleasure. In fact, the picnic will be very exciting.

Palsh    : I see you really enjoyed much. Thank you.

Liton    : You are most welcome. Good bye. See you again.

Part: 2 [80 Minutes]

  • Reflect on the storyline they have developed in Task 5.
  • Reflect on the characters, settings, theme of the story they have discussed in session 5.
  • Read the dialogues they have written in task 5 again.
  • Write the story using all the features they have decided earlier. Edit the grammatical,
  • spelling and punctuation errors and make the final version of your storyline.
  • Write a short note on what (central theme, point of view, plot, setting, character, dialogue)
  • you find interesting in the storyline.

Title: Arranging a Picnic to a Historical Place

Palash, Lition and two other friends decided to go on a picnic on a Sonargaon, a very historical place. Palash offeredLiton that they should arrange a picnic at Sonargaon, a very historically enriched place.

Liton agreed with Palash and both of them started to plan a picnic. Finally they had settle all arrangements for the picnic and decided to talk with others. Accordingly they went to their classmates and told them about their whole plan. All the students were excited to hear their plan. At first they decided to talk with their class teacher who was very kind hearted and friendly to them. They know that their class teacher can help them. When the told their plan to their class teacher, he/ she also became excited and at once he/she gave concern to go with them and guide them. After that they along with their class teacher went to the headmaster and told him about their plan. At first, he disagreed. But the students finally made him convinced and he agreed to give them permission taking permission from their guardians. He advised them to form a committee to arrange all task efficiently and make a costing for the event. The headmaster also assured them that he would financially help them from the  school fund. At last palash, Liton as well as all the students made their dream come true.

Central Theme:

The central theme of this storyline revolves around friendship, understanding and bond between human beings. It explores the idea that friendship can make or create the most unexpected circumstances real and make the dream come true.