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1.Write a dialogue between two friends about the importance of learning English


There is a dialogue between two friends about the importance of learning English.

Monir   : How are you Sakib?

Sakib   : I’m fine. What are you reading, Monir?

Monir   : It’s an English language learning book.

Sakib   : Why do you read it? You can read a Bengali novel instead of it.

Monir   : Most probably you don’t know the importance of learning English at this present age. That’s

why you can tell me so.

Sakib   : Sorry. Would you please explain it to me?

Monir    : Well, English is an international language. In every sphere of life we need English. To be a

doctor, an engineer, a professor, a banker you must learn English. All the books are written

in English. Moreover, in every job sector, govt or non-govt to get a job of handsome salary

you have to have knowledge of speaking, reading and writing English.

Sakib  : But learning English seems very difficult to me.

Monir   : You’re right. I think the traditional method of learning English is not quite good in our


Sakib   : Then how are you learning English?

Monir   :  I am learning English at an English learning centre near our school by some natives

and foreign experts. You can read English story books, magazines and other articles. You can                        watch movies too.

Sakib   : Would you please help me to have same opportunity?

Monir   : Of course. I’ll take you there and do everything in this regard.

Sakib   : Thank you Monir. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Monir   : You’re most welcome.

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