JSC Dialogue📖Class VIII

12.A Dialogue on How to Make Good Result in Examination.

Sujon: Hello hasib, how are you?

Hasib: I am fine and what about you?

Sujon: I am fine too, but I am a little bit nervous. I have come to you for some suggestions.

Hasib: Why are you so nervous? Please let me know your problem. It will be my pleasure if I can help

you in any way.

Sujon: You can certainly help me. I want to make a good result as you made last year. Now I need to

know the strategies you followed to make your brilliant result.

Hasib: It is very simple. I think it is not unknown to you how to make a good result. There is no secret

strategy at all, but you must follow certain rules.

Sujon: Okay! Please tell me about the rules I should follow.

Hasib: Firstly, you should study regularly. You must not cram anything without understanding. Then

you should make your own notes and revise them frequently.

Sujon: Nice! What is your suggestion for English and Mathematics?

Hasib: For English and Mathematics your proficiency will depend on constant practice. Every day

you will have to take practice-test in writing.

Sujon: Excellent! Is there anything more?

Hasib: Yes, you should develop a habit of writing. Whatever you read, you must write it. It will give

you manifolds benefits.

Sujon: Okay. Do you have any advice for examination?

Hasib: Yes, you should budget your time for exams, make your handwriting legible, and write all

answers. Avoid unnecessary topics in the answer scripts.

Sujon: Thank you for your precious suggestions. I will surely follow these strategies.

Hasib: You are most welcome. Remember that there is no secret to make a good result but to study regularly.