1,4.2; Your Relationship with Your Parents & Influences of Women on Community

Your Relationship with Your Parents

Fact-based passage

Parents are the best asset of my life. From childhood to adolescence, they raised me as much as they did. My father works hard and fulfills all my wishes. He arranged for my education, food and clothing. He drives me to school and brings me home when the school end. He is there for all my needs. At the same time, my mother takes care of me. Bathed me, showed me my homework, looked after me all the time when I was sick. My relationship with my mother is such that I cannot eat any food other than her hand-cooked food. My parents love me very much. I also love them very much.


My parents have taken care of me since the day I was born. My mom gets me ready for school and drives me there as well. He cleans my clothing. When I get sick, he cares for me. My father bears all of my expenses and teaches me how to be a good man. I share with them my personal feelings.

Influence of Woman on Community

Fact-based passage:

To the development of a society, women have th equal contribution as the men. A society can never take full form without the influence of women. Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam said, ‘All the great creations of the world are eternally beneficial, half of them are made by women, half by men.’ That is, women have equal contribution to all the welfare works in the world. Looking at the society I live in, you can see how women are pioneers. There are women at all levels-school teachers, police officers, doctors, journalists. Just as women manage the house, they also play a great role in the development of the society. Our society is completely incomplete without the contribution of women.


Opinion-based passage:

Nowadays women are progressing at an equal pace with men. Women are actively involved in various developmental activities along with men in the society. My mother said in the past, women were very backward. They did not have much opportunity for education. But in the present time the exact opposite is seen. Now from education to work, business, where are there no women? But still some people think that women should stay at home, they should not study much. But with the passage of time, these thoughts have now changed. Women are getting educated in higher education. Practicing knowledge and contributing to the welfare of society.


The influence of women on a community is immeasurable. In my opinion, women can play a pivotal role in shaping the social fabric and contributing to the overall progress of a community. This influence extends across various spheres, from family dynamics to broader societal structures. Today, women are not lagging behind. They are coming forward and play a crucial role in every part of society. They should not be neglected. Acknowledging and appreciating the impact of women is essential for fostering a dynamic, inclusive, and thriving community.