3.2.1 ; The Sense of Beauty

3.2.1 Now in the same groups reflects on the steps that you have followed to make your choice. Later, write a short text describing all the steps you have used in your choice-making process. Finally, share your text with the class.

The following steps are to help you writing.

  • Read the advertisement carefully to make the right choice
  • Discuss in groups the interesting and the uninteresting parts of the tour packages.
  • Make your own choices and share your opinions with the group
  • In making our choice, we mostly consider our thoughts, not feelings.
  • We convince the opposing opinions with logic and evidence
  • While addressing their counterarguments, we acknowledge the opposing view and explain why it will not be the best option for us


Initially, I examined the Sajek Valley tour package, evaluating its features such as a three night stay at an eco-resort, a 4×4 land cruiser journey, and expedition to Alutila cave, Hazachora, and Risang waterfall. My choice leaned towards Sajek due to its unique adventure elements and the promise of exploring scenic locations. When sharing my choice with the group, I highlighted the diverse experiences offered by the package and how it aligns with my preference for a mix of adventure and relaxation. To convince those leaning towards other options, I logically presented the specific attractions of Sajek Valley, emphasizing the all-inclusive nature of transportation and meals for added conveniences. The decision-making process was driven by thoughtful consideration of features rather than solely relying on personal feelings, ensuring a well-rounded choice for the group.


I am in favour of travelling to Sajek Valley. Sajek Valley is one of the most emerging tourist places in Rangamati District. It is mostly known as the Queen of Hills where tourists travel to enjoy the view of 1476 feet high mountains. Moreover, the clouds floating on top of the enchanting greenish mountains change every mood to a satisfying pleasure. We can watch the sunrise from our hotel windows or balconies. Travelling to Sajek is very adventurous. In fact, the valiant experienced drivers will give you a different thrilling experience of climbing mountains with four-wheel drive vehicles. During this road trip, you will explore the greenish mountains and grasses with smell of pure natural Oxygen that will definitely give you a different vibe. The package offered for travelling to Sajek is reasonable and incredible. Security is very tight. Besides, it will enable us to meet tribal people and enjoy their culture. In addition, we will have the liberty to choose our food menu. There the taste of cooked foods is beyond imagination. Once you start eating, you will keep on licking your fingers until you are satisfied. A real nature freak or tourist will travel Sajek Valley by hook or by crook.


As the choice became reasonable. I carefully read two advertisements. By thoroughly reading the advertisements, I scrutinized the advertised attractions. Each member of my group has also read the two advertisements. In the group discussion, we shared our thoughts on what drew our attention and what appeared to be less appealing. Interesting parts and uninteresting parts have been identified. Both tour packages have some unique and interesting parts and some uninteresting parts.

Interesting parts of the first advertisement include staying at an eco resort on top of Sajek Valley, a land cruiser for a hilly road journey, Alutila Cave, Hazachora, and Risang Waterfall Expedition. The first advertisement is detailed in its description of the amenities that will be provided. It also offers us the opportunity to experience the tribal lifestyle, enjoy the mesmerizing sunset from the helipad of Sajek, and enjoy the carly morning view of clouds over the valley while sitting in the resort.

The second tour package also has some interesting aspects and they are staying at Pearl Beach Resort, complimentary entry to Radiant Fish World, 20% discount on fun fest parasailing & beach activities, daily buffet breakfast, meeting & greeting at the hotel. It also offers us enjoying the sunset and night beach, the morning beach, visiting Moheshkhali island by boat and visiting the Barmiz market. The second one is not as detailed in describing the amenities that will be provided as that of the first one.

The description of the first tour package seems to me vivid and alluring, and hence I wish to take the first package In making my choice, I have prioritized my thoughts over my feelings.

During the discussion, we have given logical arguments and evidence to support our own choices. While addressing counterarguments, we have acknowledged opposing views within the group. If someone raised concerns about potential issues or drawbacks, we provided counter-evidence or suggested alternative perspectives. We have aimed to convince others based on our objective merits. After a long argument, we came-to a consensus and chose the best one for us, and that is the first package. We emphasized specific details from the advertisement and the package, offering a more diverse range of activities that fit our interests