3.3.2; Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)

3.3.2 Now, let’s check our understanding!

Read the note on ‘Argumentative Writing’ again and tick the best one from the alternatives given below.

এখন আমরা কতটুকু বুঝেছি তা যাচাই করি। বিতর্কমূলক লেখা বিষয়ক নোটটি আবার পড়ো এবং নিচে দেওয়া বিকল্পগুলি থেকে সঠিক উত্তরে টিক চিহ্ন দাও।

a. What is the first part of an argumentative essay? 

i) Greetings

ii) Conclusion

iii) Topic presentation

iv) Introduction

b. Which of these describes the topic of an argumentative essay? 

i) Theoretical statement

ii) Thesis statement

iii) Expository statement

iv) Introductory statement

c. How many parts is the argumentative essay made up of? 

i) 2

ii) 3

iii) 4

iv) 5

d. Which of these is required to be chosen before working on an argumentative essay? 

i) Topic

ii) Type of essay

iii) Age of the readers.

iv) Number of the readers

e. Which of these supports the writer’s claim? 

i) Introduction

ii) Conclusion

iii) Reasoning

iv) Explanation

f. What is the main argument of an essay? 

i) Introduction

ii) Explanation

iii) Claim

iv) Conclusion

g. What is the information that supports the writer’s reasoning? 

i) Conclusion

ii) Topic

iii) Claim

iv) Evidence

h. What is the purpose of a refute? 

i) To introduce what the essay will be about

ii) To prove that the opposing opinion is wrong

iii) To summarise all the ideas

iv) To provide background information

i. Facts and data that support reasons in an argumentative essay are called                 

i) reason

ii) position

iii) evidence

iv) counterargument

j. The purpose of the conclusion is to                  

i) give new information

ii) restate the argument and the reasons

iii) restate the attention grabber and background

iv) give evidence and details


a. (iv) Introduction

b. (ii) Thesis statement

(c) (ii) 3

(d) (i) Topic

(e) (iii) Reasoning

(f) (iii) Claim

(g) (iv) Evidence

(h) (ii) To prove that the opposing opinion is wrong

(i) (iii) evidence

(j) (ii) restate the argument and the reasons