5.4.1; Identifying Structures of a Problem Solving Text

5.4.1 Read the given parts of a problem solution essay and write the blank parts of the essay to make it complete essay. In writing, follow the structure of a problem solution essay in the note given in Activity 5.3.1

Question The internet has brought the world into our grip, but it has also created new problems for teenagers. What are the most serious problems associated with the internet and what solutions can you suggest? The essay

Step 1: Introduction

Paraphrase the given problem: The enormous use of the internet over the last decade has led to revolutionary changes to the way we share information. Though the internet contributes a lot to being connected it has also created problems especially for the teenagers that did not exist before. Now, it’s your turn to write one key cause and related solution

My answer: There are lot causes behind the problems created by internet. One cause is that teenagers get instant entertainment on internet and they get easily addicted to it. Offline entertainment facility can free them from excessive use of internet.

Step 2: Main body paragraph 1 Cause (you can use different paragraphs for different causes) Topic sentence (state the cause): One of the causes of the internet is its easy accessibility to all the sites even though some are not suitable for them. Now, it’s your turn to explain the cause and give an example of it.

My answer: One major reason for concern is the ease of access to a wide range of websites, some of which are inappropriate for Teenagers.  Unrestricted access is dangerous because it can lead young people to in appropriate or harmful content, either on purpose or accidentally. Despite age verification procedures, there are still plenty of easily accessible websites with violent, hateful, or obscenity- filled content. With just a few clicks, teens may come across graphic content that upsets them, harms their mental health, or even encourages them to participate in risky behaviour. Teenagers using social media, for example, may unintentionally come across graphic images of self-harm or violent video game footage, which could negatively affect their mental health and cause them to become exposed to such content.

Step 3: Main body paragraph 2– Solution (Again, you can write different solutions using different paragraphs) Academic Year 2024 75 English Expressing a Solution to a Problem Topic sentence (state the solutions): It is high time the government ensured that adequate legislation and controls are in place to prevent young people from accessing dangerous sites, such as requiring more than simply confirming that s/he is an adult to view a site. Now, it’s your turn to explain the solution and give an example of it.

My answer: It is crucial that the government implement strong laws and regulations to address problem and keep children away from accessing hazardous sites. It is not enough to just ask users to verify their age. More robust measures, like multi-factor authentication and parental control tools, are required to effectively restrict access to harmful content. In order to establish a safer online environment, cooperation with social media companies and the internet service providers is also necessary. This includes the quick removal of offensive content. This ensures that teenagers are protected from potentially harmful content and encourages responsible internet use.

Finally, write the conclusion of the essay (the main points in the essay).

My answer: In conclusion, while the internet offers immense opportunities for learning and communication, it also presents significant challenges for teenagers.  Stricter laws, advancements in technology, and open communication between parents and children can work together to guarantee children’s safety and wellbeing. Together, we can build a digital environment that supports positive growth and shields our children from potential risks that may be found online.


It is time to put together all four paragraphs and complete your writing. Later, share the essay with the class.