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A Dialogue About Gardening.

Suppose you are Rony and your friend Miraz. Your hobby is gardening. He wants to talk to you about gardening. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend about gardening.

Answer: A Dialogue About Gardening.

Rony Hello Miraz, How are you doing?
Miraz I’m doing well. What about you?
Rony I’m also fine. So, what are your plans after the JSC exam?
Miraz I’m planning a garden but I have no idea how to make a garden.
Rony No problem. You know my hobby is gardening. I can help you do this.
Miraz Oh, that’s great. What do I need first to make a garden?
Rony First of all, you should choose a land that is sunny and does not go underwater during the rainy season.
Miraz How do I prepare the land, please explain?
Rony You should clear the land and dig the soil. Then you can give some compost fertilizer to the land.
Miraz What should I do next?
Rony Then plant the seedlings of your choice. Be sure to fence around the garden.
Miraz Okay, that’s a good idea. Will you give me some seedlings from your garden?
Rony Sure, why not? Come to our house tomorrow, and I will give you some saplings.
Miraz wow, that’s nice. Can you tell me how I will take care of my garden?
Rony Water the garden every day. It is always best to water the tree in the morning.
Miraz Thank you very much.
Rony You’re most welcome.