JSC Dialogue📖Class VIII

A Dialogue Between Father and Son on aim in life

A Dialogue Between Father and Son on aim in life /Choice of Career

Father:  Good Morning, Hasib! How are you?

Son:   Good morning, father. I am fine and you?

Father: I am also fine. I am glad that you have passed the examination with good score. Now you have to decide which way you will proceed.

Son: Yes, father, I will act up to your advice.

Father: But I want to know your mind first. Our choice must be to your liking.

Son: Father, I want to choose something different. You know I have a great passion for computer from my early age.

Father: Yes, I know. So, you need to build your career in the field of computer.

Son: Yes, father you are absolutely right.

Father: Ok! Great!. I appreciate it very much. Then you should tell me what are you intended to be?

Son: I want to be a Computer Engineer, if you agree.

Father: Yes, it is an excellent profession. By being a skilled computer engineer, you can do many things for the nation. But have you ever thought over the hard work, it will mean?

Son: Yes, father, I think no work is too hard for me in this profession. I want to be an advanced programmer mainly.

Father: All these are true. But do not forget that this profession also needs much tolerance and sacrifice.

Son: You are right. I think nothing is impossible if I study regularly and sincerely.

Father: Excellent! I agree with you whole-heartedly. But I would advise you to study general science first before you join in an Engineering University.

Son: Yes, you are right. I ma trying my best to do so. I will try my best to get admission into a best University in Computer Science faculty like BUET or Dhaka University.

Father: Great! I have confidence on you. We all believe that if you try, you will reach the peak of the career in you life.

Son: Yes, father, I will study the Science Course in a reputed college. But it means additional expense.

Father: Oh, no, my boy! You need not worry about expense. I will cheerfully pay all your expenses in this connection, as I know my money will be well spent.

Son: You are so kind to me, father.

Father: And you are so good to us, dear son. I fully do support your future plan.

Son: Thank you, father.