SSCSSC Dialogue

A dialogue between two friends describing the annual prize-giving ceremony

Question: Write a dialogue between two friends describing the annual prize-giving ceremony of your school.


A dialogue between my friend Tousif and me (Limon) describing the annual prize-giving ceremony of your school.

Tousif  : Hello, Lemon. How are you? Where are you coming from?

Lemon : Hi, Tousif. I am fine by the grace of almighty. I am coming from school. Hope you are fine too.

Tousif  : Yes, now I am quite well. You know I have been suffering from Dengu fever from last seven days. I was hospitalized 3 days.

Lemon : Oh! Very sad. I feel sorry for you. Hope you will be come round soon. Yesterday was the prize-giving ceremony of our school. As you were sick, you missed it, didn’t you?

Tousif  : Yes, I did. Doctor advised me to stay at home and take complete rest.

Lemon : Oh! Again I feel sorry for you. You missed a memorable event.

Tousif  : Would you please tell me about the annual prize-giving ceremony held in our school.

Lemon : Yes, good to hear. Our school’s annual prize-giving ceremony began with the recitation from the Holy Quran, Gita and Bible. After that of course the singing of national anthem.

Tousif  : Who won the prizes?

Lemon : First of all, the meritorious students who topped the merit in the exam, were given the prizes.

Tousif  : Did you get any prize?

Lemon : Please, don’t make me ashamed. You know that I’m not so meritorious as you think. But I got the first prize in race competition. I secured the second and third position in short jump and long jump respectively.

Tousif  : Congratulations! You’re a good athlete all along.

Lemon: Thanks a lot. Besides arrange various games, our school arranged debate competition, poetry recitation, etc. But you know I prefer the sports competitions.

Tousif  : Who were the guests?

Lemon : Deputy commissioner of Fardidpur District was the chief guest and the Superintend of Faridpur Police  was the special guest. The Headmaster presided over the functions. Apart from these some journalists, eminent persons of the society and the guardians were in the guest.

Tousif  : Was there any cultural programme?

Lemon : Yes, After, the prize-giving ceremony there was an exciting cultural programme. We made a lot of fun then. Our friend Sumon and Rakib performed several band songs. Beside one student of class vi sang two Rabindra Sangeet which was mind blowing. We made a grand fireworks too.

Tousif  : Did the school compound decorate?

Lemon : Yes, the whole compound was decorated with colourful balloons, festoons and banners. There was lighting to illuminate the preogramme at the evening.

Tousif  : Really, you all enjoyed the programme. I feel sorry to miss it.

Lemon : Don’t feel so. Hope next year the function will be more attractive and then we made a lot of fun along with you.

Tousif  : Thanks for your time and giving me all the information. I have to leave now.

Lemon : No mention. Take care of yourself and you will be come round soon.

Tousif : Bye.

Lemon : Bye