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A Dialogue between Two Friends on Benefits of Early Rising

Write a Dialogue between Two Friends on Benefits of Early Rising

Sujon: Hello Jamiya! How are you?

Jamiya: I am fine and what about you?

Sujon: I am fine too. But why are you always late for the class? If you are so late every day, you will be in great difficulty.

Jamiya: You are right. Indeed, I always try to come on time, but I simply can’t.

Sujon: Why can’t you? What time do you get up in the morning?

Jamiya: I usually get up from bed at around 9 o’clock. I watch TV and sleep late.

Sujon: I see. You should rise early and get the benefits of early rising. Don’t you know the proverb: “Early to bed and early to rise make a man healthy, wealth, and wise?

Jamiya: What is the benefits of early rising?

Sujon: As the proverb says, it makes you healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Jamiya: But how will it help me to become punctual in class?

Sujon: If you get up early in the morning, you will get much time to learn your lessons, have breakfast, complete your homework, have bath and meal and then start for college and reach ahead of time.

Jamiya: Yes, you are right. But I can’t understand that by getting up early in the morning, how can I get the benefits physically and mentally ? Why do you rise so early? Don’t you know sound sleep is necessary for good health?

Sujon: Yes, I know sound sleep is good for health but early rising is also beneficial to us. An early riser can start and finish his duty early. Do you understand the importance of early rising?

Jamaiya: Can you explain a little bit more what are the benefits for the students to be an early riser?

Sujon : Well, studies have shown that people who wake up early tend to be more productive and successful. They have more energy and focus, and are better able to manage their time. They can get enough to  prepare themselves for that day.

Jamaiya: What are the physical benefit of an early riser?

Sujon: A morning walk in the fresh air refreshes our body and spirit. It keeps me energetic all day. Exercise in the morning is more pleasant and helpful than any other time of the day.

Jamaiya: Well. I understand the benefits of early rising. I will also start rising early tomorrow.

Sujon: Exactly! If you get up early in the morning, your mind and body will remain fresh. Besides, an early riser can work more and earn more to add to his income.

Jamiya: You are right. I was in the dark. However, I will start getting up early in the morning from tomorrow.

Sujon: You should bear in mind that Waking up early offers numerous advantages, including the ability to eat healthier, regular exercise opportunities, avoiding peak traffic, reduced stress levels, higher morning energy, increased happiness, and potentially better academic performance.

Jamiya: I will. I will try my best to be an early rise from tomorrow.

Sujon: It is certainly a wise decision. I will call you tomorrow in the morning at your house and take you for a walk with me by the riverside. Thank you.

Jamiya: You are most welcome. I really appreciate your suggestion.