JSC Paragraph📖Class VIII

A Rainy Day


What is a rainy day?

What happens to a passerby on a rainy day?

Who suffers badly on a rainy day?

How does a rich man enjoy a rainy day?

Who welcome the rainy day most and why?

How do the cattle and birds suffer on a rainy day?


Answer: A rainy day is a set day. The day looks gloomy. The sky remains overcast with clouds. The sun is seldom found. It rains cats and dogs all day long. Roads go under water. A passer-by has to pass along a muddy and slippery road. He walks along with shoes in hands and cloth folded up almost to the knees. A day laborer suffers most on a rainy day. He cannot go out for his daily work. He sits on the rain-soaked floor under the leaky roofs. A rich man welcomes a rainy day. He enjoys the day staying indoors. He sits quietly by the window and listens to the music of the rain-fall. Poets feel thrilled in their hearts. A rainy day is most welcome to the school children. They have a day’s holiday to enjoy. Cattle keep standing with-their heads bending low. Birds get wet and keep sitting on the branches of the trees. Children come out in the rain and make-merriment. A rainy day’s evening seems to set in by day. A rainy day is enjoyable to the rich people. But it brings sufferings for the working class common people. Despite of all sufferings in a rainy day we enjoy the beauties of nature indeed.