JSC Seen📖Class VIII

Activity 1.3.6; 1.3.7; 1.3.8 & 1.3.9; Beauty in Poetry

1.3.6 Read the poem aloud and notice the rhyming patterns. Then match the words/phrases in column A with their meanings in column B.

I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud

-William Wordsworth

I wandered lonely as a cloud                           A

আমী একাকী বিচরণ করছিলাম এক খন্ড মেঘের মতো

That floats on high o’er vales and hills,                        B

যা ভেসে বেড়ায় উপত্যকা আর পাহাড়ের ওপর দিয়ে

When all at once I saw a crowd,                                  A

যখন হঠাৎ চোখে পড়ে একটি ভিড়

A host, of golden daffodils;                             B

অসংখ্য সোনালি ড্যাফোডিলের এক বিশাল সম্ভার;

Beside the lake, beneath the trees,                   C

হ্রদের পাশে, বৃক্ষতলে,

Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.               C

মৃদু সমীকরণে দোদুল্যমান ও নৃত্যরত।

Continuous as the stars that shine                    D

যেন জ্বলজ্বলে অসংখ্য তারকারাজি

And twinkle on the milky way,                                    E

যারা মিটমিট করে জ্বলে আকাশের ছায়াপথে

They stretched in never-ending line                 D

তারা ছড়িয়েছিল সীমাহীন সারিতে

Along the margin of a bay:                              E

উপসাগরের কিনারা ঘেঁষে;

Ten thousand saw I at a glance,                                   F

এক দৃষ্টিতে আমি দেখলাম হাজার দশেক,

Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.                        F

উচ্ছেল নৃত্যে তারা দোলাচ্ছিল তাদের মাথা

Column A Column B
a) wandered 1) valleys and mountains
b) floats high o’er 2) strolling or roaming around
c) vales and hills 3) waving
d) host of daffodils 4) hanging extraordinarily
e) fluttering 5) wind
f) breeze 6) unceasing or non-stop
g) continuous 7) sparkling or glittering
h) twinkle 8) a broad band of light in the night sky
i) milky way 9) over-extended
j) stretched 10) numerous in number
k) never-ending line 11) the edge of a bay where water and land meet
l) the margin of a bay 12) immediately looking
m) at a glance 13) stirring, flinging and blending
n) tossing 14) energetic or vigorously
o) sprightly 15) swarm of daffodil flowers


(A+2);              (b+4);               (c+1);               (d+15);                         (e+3)


(f+ 5);              (g+6);               (h+7);               (i+8);                (j+9)


(k +10);                        (l+ 11);             (m+12);            (n+13);             (o+14)

1.3.7 Now, read the poem again and tick the best answer from the alternatives for each question.

  1. i) I wandered lonely as a cloud. That floats on high o’er vales and hills,-These lines mean that-)

I am dozing in the cloud being lonely

  1. b) Like a floating cloud, I roam around the high valleys and hills
  2. c) Clouds float over valleys and hills
  3. ii) Tick the best words for the blanks among the three- The golden daffodils have become _________ amid the setting of the lake, under the_________. These daffodils are continuously __________ and dancing in the __________.
  4. a) A host, trees, waving, wind
  5. b) Crowd, hills, swaying, light
  6. c) Host, plants, wind, dancing

iii) Identify the following sentence as True/False. The first stanza refers that the golden daffodils waving in the wind seem a crowded host as if it welcomes the poet as a cloud.

  1. a) True b) False
  2. iv) The in-numerous golden daffodils are shining and glittering like stars in the milky way. The stirring and energetic moving of bright yellow flowers is spread to the horizon along the edge of an ocean. Can you tell in which stanza you will get this information?
  3. a) Stanza 1 b) Stanza 2


I= b);    ii = a);  iii= a);  iv= b)

1.3.8 Read the poem again and in pairs/groups identify the similes used in the poem. Finally, share your answers with the class. Also, mention the patterns you have used to compare the two things/persons and why these similes are used here.

Character described Compared to/with Simile My sentence Pattern I have used Reason to use the simile
1. The Poet loneliness as a cloud The poet wandered lonely as a cloud Subject +verb+ adverb+ a+ N.P To indicate that the poet roamed in the same way as the cloud runs about in the sky
2. Daffodils countless as the stars The poet saw golden daffodils as in numerous as shining stars in the sky. as To indicate the innumerability of the daffodils

1.3.9 Read the first stanza of the poem given below. Then, in pairs/groups discuss and write about the image or picture that comes to your mind while reading the poem. Next, share it with other groups.

you may imagine that, like a lonely cloud, the poet is roaming around. He is floating over the valleys and hills. Suddenly, he noticed some daffodils dancing in the breeze beside a lake.

Now, it’s your turn to write about the picture that you can imagine from stanzas 2 and 3. When you are done with your writing, share with the class all the pictures that you can see/visualize or imagine after reading the poem and say how these pictures help you to make a connection with the poem.

Answer: In Stanza 2, I imagine that, like endless stars, the in-numerous golden daffodils are shinning and glittering in the milky way. The stirring and energetic moving of the bright yellow flowers is spread along the edge of an ocean.