JSC Seen📖Class VIII

Activity: 2.1.1 & 2.1.2; The Bizhu Festival

2.1.1 Discuss the following questions in pairs. And then, share your answers with the class.

  1. a) Did you interview anyone for any reason?
    b) Did someone interview you for any purpose?
    c) What was the topic of the interview?
    d) What were the questions that had been asked there?
    e) What were the responses!
    f) Did you share any information about the interview with anyone? If yes, what did you say?


  1. Yes, I interviewed one of the classmates to know about his ethnic identity and culture he holds.
  2. One of my classmates interviewed me in order to know my religious identity and religious festivals.
  3. The topic of the interview knew various sorts of ethnic cultures and festivals.
  4. The following question has been asked there:

(i) When do you celebrate these ethnic festivals?

(ii) What are the names of those ethnic festivals?

(iii) What sort of foods do you make on those festivals?

  1. The responses were:

(i) These ethnic festivals are celebrated at a particular period of calendar year

(ii) The names of ethnic festivals are Sangrai, Baisuk, Baisabi, etc.

(iii)Various sorts of foods are made on those festivals like Banschui, Pajon, Jalpitha, etc.

  1. Yes, I shared some information about the interview with my parents. I told them about the details that we talked about during the interview.

2.1.2 Now, let’s interview a friend!

Take an interview of your friend to know his/her choice of movies/songs/hobbies/ personality. Firstly, think of 6-10 questions that you will ask your friend and write them down. Then, in pairs interview each other and take notes to use later. Next, share your friend’s opinion with the class. Use the given grid to complete the activity. One is done for you.

Your Question Reply of your friend The way you share your friend’s opinion
1. Who is your favourite personality? My father is my favourite personality. My friend said that her (my friend’s) father is her favourite personality.
2. Do you watch movie? Yes, I watch movie. My friend said that she (my friend) watches movie.
3. When do you watch movie? I watch movie in my free time. She said that she (my friend) watches movie in her free time.
4. Did you watch movie last week? Yes, I watched a movie last week. My friend said that she had watched a movie the previous week.
5. Will you tell me the name of a famous film watched by you? Yes, “Guerrilla” is a legendary film. My friend said that “Guerrilla” is a legendary film.
6. What type of movie do you like most? I like movies on science fiction most. My friend said that she likes movies on science fiction most.
7. Please, tell me some names of science-fiction movies. “Alien’, “Time machine” “A Space Odyssey” are famous science-fiction movies. He said thast “Alien” “Time Machine”, “A Space Odyssey” are famous science-fiction movies.
8. Did you watch any movie yesterday? “No, I didn’t watch any movie yesterday. My friend replied in the negative that he had not watched any movie the previous day.
9. What type of Babgladeshi movies do you usually watch? Usually I watch movies on the Liberation War of Independence. He said that he usually watches the movies on the Liberation War of Bangladesh.
10. Thank you very much. Thank you too. I thanked my friend very much and he also thanked me.