SSCSSC Paragraph

An Ideal Student


The student who goes to school/college/university or his academic institution regally and studies regularly and attentively and cares about all other good practices and duties can be called an ideal student. He/she inherited some good and noticeable qualities like honesty, sincerity, dignity, punctuality, hardworking, obedience, politeness, and so on. He is very kind in his manner. He/she obeys and respects his/ her parents, teachers, and superiors. He / she follows an effective schedule to maintain his/her daily work strictly. He or she helps his or her weak classmates in different ways. He is respectful to teachers, dutiful to parents, and cooperative with his classmates. He avoids bad company and never quarrels with others. An ideal student always takes part in co-curricular activities such as debating, language club, and sports. He abides by the rules of discipline in all aspects of life. An ideal student does everything to fulfill his aim.Ā Sometimes, he concentrates on some additional activities by engaging in different indoor and outdoor games and sports, social welfare works, and other charitable jobs. He takes physical exercise to keep his body fit. He renders his helping hand to the helpless people during the crisis time of the country especially in natural distress like a flood, cyclone, etc. He also stands beside the people affected by pandemic diseases such as Ebola virus, coronavirus, or COVID 19 in spite of knowing the risk of his own life. Sure, I have a great desire to be an ideal student following the above qualities so that I can contribute much to my family and my beloved country in the future. During the natural disasters or any other crisis moment he/she extends his or her helping hand willingly.

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