SSCSSC Application

Application for Full-Free Studentship

Question: write an application to the headmaster to your school praying for a full-free studentship.

24 January 2023
The headmaster,
Faridpur High School,

Subject: Application for a full-free studentship.

I have the honour to state that I am a student of class 9 of your school. My father is the only earning member of our family. He is a petty clerk of a private company. He has to maintain a large family consisting of eight members. Among them, I have their school-going brothers and sisters. In such a situation, it is very difficult for my father to bear our educational expenses after marinating the family. So, I am badly in need of a full-free studentship. I would like to mention here that I stood first in the last annual examination.

I, therefore, would like to request you to grant me a full-free studentship and enable me to continue my studies further and oblige thereby.

Sincerely yours,
Class- 9
Roll no-1.


Question: Suppose you are Nazrul, a student at Mithapukur High School, Rangpur. Your father is a poor farmer. He cannot bear your educational expenses. Now write an application to the Headmaster of your school Praying for Full-free Studentship.

20 September 2023
The Headmaster
Mithapukur High School, Rangpur.

Subject: Praying for Full-free Studentship.

I beg most respectfully to state that my father is a very poor farmer. He has a little income. I have four school-going brother and sisters. So it has become quite impossible for him to bear my educational expenses with his little income.

I, therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to grant me a full-free studentship and give me a chance to continue my studies.

I remain,
Md. Nazrul Islam.
Class-VIII, Section-B