Chapter 8: Bangabandhu, My Inspiration

Nickname- ডাকনাম; Acquire- অর্জন করা; Injustice- অবিচার; Came forward- এগিয়ে আসা; Sanction- অনুমোদন দেওয়া; Reputation- সুনাম; Liberal- উদার; Harmony- সম্প্রীতি; Team player- নিবেদিত খেলোয়ার।

class 6 english chapter 8 question answer

8.1 Watch the short video clip on the childhood of Bangabandhu on Youtube and in pairs/groups discuss the following questions.

1. When was Bangabandhu born?
Ans. March 17, 1920.

2. What was his nickname?
Ans. Mujib.

3. Do you think Bangabandhu was very friendly in his childhood? If yes, how do you know?
Ans. Yes, I think Bangabandhu was very friendly in his childhood. When I watched video clips internet and read my textbook, I know that he always stood by his friends in times of need. If he saw anybody in his class who could not afford to buy an umbrella, he gave away his own so that the boy did not have to suffer in the heat or rain. Sometimes, he even gave away his textbooks.

4. Can you tell a childhood story of Bangabandhu that expresses his love for the people?
Ans. Once Mujib’s father Lutfur Rahman returned from Kolkata with a beautiful shawl for Mujib. Mujib went out with that shawl. But after a while, he was coming back and spotted a weak old man shivering in freezing cold under a tree. Mujib took off his shawl and donated it to him. Then he came back home shivering.

5. Does Bangabandhu inspire you to support the truth? If yes, how?
Ans. I’m inspired by Bangabandhu to support the truth. Because, he never compromise with lie and injustice in his life. He was never afraid of speaking against injustice. I have observed this and learnt fight for true.

8.2 Read the text and complete the following activities in pairs/groups.
Match the words in column A with their meanings in column B.

1. Achieve – Become successful
2. Repair – Fix
3. Injustice – When someone doesn’t get his right
4. Came forward – An offer to do something
5. Sanction – Give official permission
6. Reputation – Fame, Position
7. Liberal – Respect others’ beliefs or behavior
8. Harmony – A situation where everything is right and peaceful
9. A team player – One who plays for the team rather than for personal glory

8.3 Read the text again and, ask and answer the following questions in pairs.
1. What was Bangabandhu’s dream?
Ans. Bangabandhu’s dream was to make Bangladesh independent.

2. Why do people call him ‘The Father of the Nation”?
Ans: People call him ‘The Father of the Nation” because he sacrificed every bit of himself and led Bangladesh to achieve its independence.

3. How do you know he was courageous?
Ans. He was never afraid of speaking against injustice, even once the chief minister of undivided Bengal, Sher-e-Bangla AK Fazlul Haque visited the school. Then, Mujib along with his friends came forward with their demands to repair the school hostel’s roof. That’s how I know he was courageous.

4. What was his favourite sport?
Ans. His favourite sport was football.

5. Why did he read newspapers?
Ans. He read newspapers to gather knowledge.

8.4 Read the text again. In pairs/groups, discuss the following qualities of Bangabandhu. And describe those with an example in the next column to it. If you need, you can read any books, articles etc. One is done for you.

1. Dreamer: He was a dreamer because he had a dream that one day Bangladesh would be a free and peaceful country.

2. Great leader: He was always careful, and loved the people and spoke for all of us. That’s why he was a great leader.

3. Helpful: From his very childhood, he always stood by his friends in times of need by giving them textbooks, umbrella etc.

4. Courageous: Because he was not afraid to speak up against injustice.

5. Good player: He loved to play football, volleyball, and hockey. He had a reputation as a team player.

6. Knowledgeable: He gathered knowledge by reading newspapers.

7. Great speaker: He influenced the Bengalees by charismatic words to fight against injustice. So, we can call him a great speaker.

8. Friendly: He loved people and was always surrounded by them. He could mix with people easily.

9. Kind: From his very childhood, he always stood by his friends in times of need. So, he was kind.

10. A true patriot: Because he dreamt of seeing Bangladesh as a free, peaceful, and prosperous nation.

8.5 Now, in pairs/ groups, identify some qualities of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman that you like to acquire. Then, describe why and how you will acquire those. Finally, share it in the class.

Some qualities I want to acquire:

  • Helpful
  • Knowledgeable
  • A true patriot

Why are these qualities important to me?

  • It’s important, because we can make a better society by helping others.
  • Everyone needs knowledge. If I can be wise, I can benefit the society with my knowledge.
  • Patriotism is a noble virtue. I have to devote myself to the development of the country. So it is important to be patriot.

What will I do to acquire these qualities?

  • I will help the poor and helpless. I will stand by them in problems.
  • I will read newspaper, books and articles.
  • I will serve the country. I will engage in various calamities of the country.