Chapter Two; Little Things-2.2

Chapter Two; Little Things-2.2

Little drops of water,

ছোট বালুকার কণা,

Little grains of sand,

বিন্দু বিন্দু জল,

Make the mighty ocean

গড়ে তোলে মহাদেশ,

And the pleasant land

সাগর অতল।

Thus the little minutes,

মূহুর্ত নিমেষকাল

Humble though they be,

তুচ্ছ পরিমাণ,

Make the mighty ages

রচে যুগযুগান্তর-

Of eternity.

অনন্ত মহান।

Little deeds of kindness,

প্রতি করুণার দান,

Little words of love,

স্নেহপূর্ন বাণী,

Make our earth and Eden,

এ ধরায় স্বর্গশোভা

Like the heaven above.

নিত্য দেয় আনি।

New Vocabularies:

Word Meaning বাংলা Antonym Your sentence
Little drops(phr) A very small amount of liquid ফোঁটা ফোঁটা; বিন্দু বিন্দু Big amount Little drops of water consist ocean
Drop (n) Drip ফোঁটা; বিন্দু Big quantity stream I will not waste a single drop of water.
Little grains (phr) A very small amount (of sand) কণা কণা; দানাসমূহ; (বালু) রাশি Big amount chunks We should save at least little grains
Make (v) Form: build গড়ে তোলা/ তৈরি করা Destroy: ruin He makes toy to give the child
Mighty (adj) Big; strong; indomitable বিরাট; শক্তিশালি; অপ্রতিরোধ্য Small; insignificant; weak Might Allah will help us
Ocean (n) Sea মহাসাগর continent Little drops of water consist ocean
Pleasant (adj) Pleasing, nice, beautiful মনুহর, মনোরম;


Unpleasant; ugly The environment is very pleasant
Land (n) Area of ground, the surface of the earth that is not watery ভূমি; জমি waterbodies Try to use every piece of land
Humble (adj) Modest; simple; quiet সামান্য; নগন্য; বিনম্র Haughty; showy, loud My humble request to you to leave the place
Ages ( A very long time:years যুগান্তর; যুগের পর যুগ Minutes; seconds This is our ages long tradition

Eternity (n)


Perpetuity: the infinity of time


অনন্তকাল, চিরকাল


Instant’ moment


We should work for eternity


Deeds (


Accomplishments : action

কর্ম; কীর্তি; কৃতকর্ম; কর্মকান্ড  

Inactivities; inactions

We have to answer for our deeds



Kindness (n)


The quality of being  kind: a kind act; sympathy; affection

সদয়ভাব বা সদয় ব্যবহার; দয়া Cruelty; mercilessness; harshness King Solomon was famous for his reputation
Words (n) Speeches, talks কথা; বছন; বাক্য Silence Try to keep your words.
Love (n) Liking, amity, affection প্রীতিপদ ভাব; প্রীতি; ভালোবাসা Hatred, hate; dislike; enmity
Eden (n) The garden of heaven; a delightful place like paradise অমরকানন; নন্দকানন, স্বর্গের বাগান Hades The garden of Eden is a delightful place
Heaven (n) The place where God lives and where good people go after they die according to some religion; husky স্বর্গ: স্বর্গলোক Hell We always work to get space in heaven
Above (adv) At or to a higher place; over উপরে/ ওপরে Below; under The sky is above my head


Little things make us happy and bring about great changes in our lives. Often little things in life indicate big change. As small drops of water make mighty oceans, similarly little deeds of love and affection can make us dear even to our enemies. And thus, the word can become a happy place to live in.

Synonyms and making sentences:

(a) Grains: Atoms; There were grains of sand in her hair.

(b) Mighty: Robust; The Jamuna is a mighty river.

(c) Humble: Small; The more noble the more humble.

(d) Eternity : Endlessness; A day is a miniature of eternity.

(e) Kindness: Affection; I will never forget your kindness.


(a) Drops: Dips; Dew drops deposit on the blades of grass.

(b) Ocean: Sea; Oceans are abode of aquatic giants.

(c) Deeds: Acts; Noble deeds made him memorable.

(d) Heaven: Paradise; heaven lies under the feet of mother.

(e) Pleasant: Charming; This is really a pleasant fact.