Class VI; Page : 1; One; Talking to People

New Vocabularies:

Word Meaning  বাংলা Example Sentence Your sentence
01. Appreciate (v) Admire প্রশংসা করা The man appreciated the boy for his help I always appreciate his courage
02. Elderly (adj) Old/ Aged বয়স্ক We must have respect for the elderly people. We should look after elderly people.
03. Conversation (n) Discussion কথোপকথন We have a long conversation about our food habit We try to make a fruitful conversation among us.
04. Direction (n) Way/ Course নির্দেশনা We should follow the direction of our teachers You have to follow my direction.
05. Later Behind/ Behind the time পরে She returned from home several weeks later. I will inform you later.
06. Relationship (n) Connection সম্পর্ক I have a close relationship with my brother We should try to maintain relationship among us
07. Acquaintance (n) Familiarity/ Contact পরিচিতি We have close acquaintance with our neighbours. Try to maintain acquaintance with close relatives.
08. Parking (n) Locating/ Positioning যানবাহন The car was parked in the parking place. We should name make wrong parking.
09. Guard (n) Protector/ Sentry পাহারাদার He worked as a guard in the prison. An honest guard should have courage.
10. Disability(n) Incapacity/ ailment অক্ষমতা Physical disability hampers our normal life. He cannot perform because of his disability
11. Gardener (n) Nueseryman/ Greenkeeper মালি The gardener mows the grass regularly The gardener is very industrious.
12. Outside (adv) Outdoor বাহিরে He waited for me outside the classroom. We should keep clean our outside.
13. Recognize (v) Identify চিনতে পারা I could not recognize her first. He tries to recognize the man properly.
14. Stranger (adj) Outsider/ Unknown person অপরিচিত ব্যক্তি I was a stranger there. We should be polite to the stranger.
15. Compliment (n) Praise প্রশংসা We should give him complement for his good job. His compliments always inspire me.
16. Well-being (n) Comfort/ Happiness সুস্থতা Physical well-being is necessary for normal life. We should try to maintain mental well-being
17. Avoid (v) Bypass/ Keep away এড়িয়ে চলা You should avoid bad company. Try to avoid the habit of smoking.
18. Mistake (n) Error/ Fault ভুল I made a mistake at that time. Mistake makes a man perfect.
19. Indicate (v) Show/ Specify নির্দেশনা The map indicates the way of our school. Your laziness indicates that you will fail in the exam.
20. Relation (n) Connection/ Association সম্পর্ক You should maintain a good relation with all. There is a bad relation between two friends.


Word Meaning  বাংলা Example Sentence Your sentence
21. Seem (v) Appear/ Look মনে হওয়া It seems to me very dangerous.  It seems rain today.
22. Familiar (adj) Acquainted/ Known পরিচিতি The crow is a familiar bird. Kazi Nazrul Islam is a familiar poet.
23. Signify (v) Mean/ Indicate তাৎপর্যপূর্ণ করা The sign signifies nothing. His hardworking signifies his honesty.
24. Forgetful (adj) Absent-minded অমনোযোগী He is always about his duty. The boy is forgetful about his responsibility.
25. Nursery (n) Plant market যেখানে ফুল-ফুলের চারা পাওয়া যায় Different types of saplings are available in this nursery. He made a nursery to sell trees.
26. Purchase (v) Buy ক্রয় করা He purchased a new book. We try to purchase the old house.
27. Guess (v) Conjecture/ Assume অনুমান করা I guess, you are my old friend. Try to guess the answer.
28. Indeed (adv) Certainly/ Really অবশ্যই Indeed, I will do it for you. He is a man of honesty, indeed.
29. Initiator (n) Motivator প্রবর্তক Mr. Rahman was the initiator of this company. The man is the initiator of tree plantation campaign.
30. Shopping mall (n) Shopping complex শপিং মল A modern shopping mall has everything to buy. I am waiting for him in a shopping mall.
31. Perceive (v) Noticed/ Understand অনুধাবন করা/ বুঝতে পারা I have perceived that you are curious. W e perceive that Health is Wealth.
32. Impolite (adg) Rude/ I ll mannered অভদ্র Always avoid impolite attitude. You should not impolite toward tourist.
33. Of Course (adv) Indeed অবশ্যই Of course, I will help you. Of course, We will go there.
34. Queue Line সারি Stand in a queue to buy a ticket. The man is waiting in a queue to get the ticket.

1.1 Ank and answer the following question with your friends.

  • How many members do you have in your family?

Answer: “There are 4 members in my family, my father, my mother, my sister, and I.” or “There are 4 members in my family, my father, my mother, my sister, and me.”?

  • Describe your relation with your family members.

Answer: Besides, my mother takes every form of care for us all. She is the one who is the key member of the family. I have a very good relationship with my father but the relationship is better with my mother and I pass more time with her when I am at home on my off-days. My family is important to me for different reasons.

  • Do you talk to your parents in the same way as you talk to your grandparents?

Answer: I probably talk to my parents way more than I talk to my parents. That’s natural, even if y I and my grand parents have a great relationship.

Still, it’s good to have a parent’s help, advice, and support. I can get support from other adults in my life, too. Maybe there’s a teacher, mentor, or coach you like to talk with.