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Conversation between Doctor and Patient; Day: 71

Sample Conversation 1; Between Doctor and Patient About Headache

Doctor: Hello! What can I do for you?
Patient: Good Morning Doctor. I don’t feel good.
Doctor: Come and sit here.
Doctor: Open your mouth.
Doctor: Since how long are you not feeling well?
Patient: Since yesterday.
Doctor: No problem. Did you have motions yesterday?
Patient: No Doctor. Not so freely.
Patient: Doctor I feel weak and do not feel like eating.
Doctor: Ok. And what else?
Patient: I feel like vomiting.
Doctor: Do you drink a lot of water?
Patient: No Doctor, I don’t have water too much.
Doctor: Did you take any medicine?
Patient: Yes Doctor, I took a Crocin.
Doctor: who asked you to take it?
Patient: No one Doctor. I took it myself.
Doctor: why did you take it?
Patient: Because I felt a headache.
Doctor: Nothing to be worried at.
Doctor: Do you need quick relief?
Patient: No Doctor. It is enough you give me medicines for now.

Sample Conversation 2 – Conversation between Doctor and Patient about Fever

Patient – Good Morning, doctor. May I come in?

Doctor – Good Morning. How are you? You do look quite pale this morning.

Patient – Yes, doctor. I’ve not been feeling well for the past few days. I’ve been having a stomach ache for a few days and feeling a bit dizzy since yesterday.

Doctor – Okay, let me check. (applies pressure on the stomach and checks for pain) Does it hurt here?

Patient – Yes, doctor, the pain there is the sharpest.

Doctor – Well, you are suffering from a stomach infection, that’s the reason you are having a stomach ache and also getting dizzy. Did you change your diet recently or have something unhealthy?

Patient – Actually, I went to a fair last week and ate food from the stalls there.

Doctor – Okay, so you are probably suffering from food poisoning. Since the food stalls in fairs are quite unhygienic, there’s a high chance those uncovered food might have caused food poisoning.

Patient – I think I will never eat from any unhygienic place in the future.

Doctor – That’s good. I’m prescribing some medicines, have them for one week and come back for a checkup next week. And please try to avoid spicy and fried foods for now.

Patient – Okay, doctor, thank you.

Doctor – Welcome.

Sample Conversation 3 – Conversation between Doctor and Patient about COVID – 19

Patient – Good afternoon, Doctor.

Doctor – Good afternoon, Mr. Bose. How are you?

Patient – I’m doing good, doctor, but my daughter isn’t doing well. Everywhere, people are getting affected with COVID and I am really worried about her.

Doctor – Please have a seat and tell me what happened.

Patient – Last week, my daughter came back from Pune as her college was closed on account of COVID. From the second day, she has had high fever and has been coughing badly. I think that she has contracted the virus on her way home.

Doctor – Okay, I understand your concern. Having a fever and cough doesn’t necessarily mean that someone has contracted the virus. These are symptoms of common cold too. The change in the temperature of the atmosphere could have triggered these symptoms. Still, to put your worries to rest, I am prescribing some medicines and an RT PCR test. Do the test by tomorrow, and if the test results are positive, make sure she is isolated. On the other hand, if the result is negative, just give her the medicine and ask her to drink a lot of water. Also, bring her in so I could examine her.

Patient – Okay, doctor. I will bring her in the evening. Thank you.

Doctor – You are welcome.

Sample Conversation 4 – Conversation between Doctor and Patient about Joint Pain

Doctor – (to the nurse) Please send in the next patient.

Patient – Hello doctor, good morning.

Doctor – Good morning, have a seat. Please tell me what happened.

Patient – (showing the knee) For the past few months, I have been experiencing a severe pain in my left knee whenever I stand up or walk long distances.

Doctor – (checking the knee) Yes, it is slightly swollen, but probably nothing is broken. Can you please stand up for me?

Patient – (stands up) It really hurts when I try to stand after being seated for a while.

Doctor – Did you fall down or hit your knee somewhere?

Patient – No doctor, as far as I remember, I didn’t hurt my knees.

Doctor – Okay, so I’m giving you Ibuprofen; it will help bring down the swelling and pain. Once the swelling goes down, you can take some tests which will help me judge why you have this constant pain. If you don’t find Ibuprofen in the medical store, you can ask them to give you Paracetamol 600. It will also help ease the pain. Have the medicines for two days and come back for another check-up once the swelling is gone.

Patient – Sure doctor. Thank you.

Doctor – You are welcome.

Sample Conversation- 5; Long Conversation Between Doctor and Patient About Cancer

Doctor: So, what makes you come here?
Attendant: Doctor, my father has been diagnosed with unusual growth of cells in the colon, which other doctors so far have confirmed as a state of cancer.
Doctor: What tests have you conducted?
Attendant: On the recommendation of doctors in Delhi, we did blood tests, CT scan, and biopsy. We have taken three views on the reports and all have come up with opined colorectal cancer. Here are the reports.
Doctor: Yes, this seems cancerous. We need to admit him today itself and get a few tests done. And let’s meet tomorrow morning when you have the reports of these tests.
Attendant: OK. Thank you.
(The doctor formulates his observations on his letterhead and gives it over to the Patient. The person then admits the patient and visits the doctor again the next morning with new reports in hand.)
Doctor: The cancer is just one stage before it will expand to other parts. In this case, the best course of action is quick surgery to extract the affected part accompanied by radiation therapy.

Attendant: How many days of treatment will be needed?
Doctor: We can perform the operation in a couple of days. Consequently, we will keep the patient under observation for 4-5 days. Radiation therapy has become pretty regulated and therefore you can get it done in any tier-2 city, which will not only be useful to you but also decrease your cost.
Attendant: And for how long the patient will have to go through radiation therapy?
Doctor: The patient has to take one dose every two weeks for three months. You require to visit the hospital only on days you obtain therapy. Once radiation therapy is done, you should discuss an oncologist every three months in the beginning and every year later on to check for the remission of cancerous cells.
Attendant: OK. I’ve heard radiation therapy has side effects.
Doctor: Yes, radiation therapy has side effects. It can lead to hair loss, nausea, and loss of appetite.
Attendant: Thank you, doctor. We will get him admitted today.

Sample Conversation- 6; Conversation About Stomach Pain With Doctor

Doctor: Yes, tell me. What problems you have?
Patient: I am suffering from stomachache and motions since last night. I have also vomited a few times last night.
Doctor: What did you have yesterday?
Patient: I had some snacks on the roadside stalls. It could be because of it.
Doctor: It is possible that you had contaminated food. Because of diarrhea, you have lost plenty of body fluids. You require to be hydrated. Drink enough water regularly, at least 10-12 glasses. Mix some Glucon-D powder or Electoral in water and have it. Fruit juice is also fine. Avoid caffeine, dairy products, and solid foods at least till evening. And get plenty of rest.
Patient: Any medicines, doctor.
Doctor: Yes, I am prescribing a few to control diarrhea.
Patient: Thank you, doctor.

Sample Conversation- 7; Dialogue between doctor and patient about Fever, Cough and Headache

Patient: May I come in, doctor?

Doctor: Yes, come in, please.

Patient: Thank you, doctor.

Doctor: Please, be seated. What ails you?

Patient: I had high temperature last night. It was 103°C. Moreover, I have a chest pain. I also cough.

Doctor: I see. Now lie down on the bed. I’ll check your chest. It’s cold weather now. You should be careful.

Patient: Last week I had gone to a village to do some field work on the potable water. I’d to work even at late evening under the open sky. I felt sick there, I returned with pain in chest.

Doctor: Any headache?

Patient: It is slight. Not severe. Is it serious anything?

Doctor: Nothing serious. You’ve caught cold. Take these medicines. You’ll be ok. Have your bath only in tepid water for some days.

Patient: Thank you, doctor.

Sample Conversation- 8; Conversation Between Patient and Doctor about Indigestion

Patient: Good Morning Doctor.

Doctor: Morning. What is wrong with you?

Patient: I am suffering from indigestion since last few days.

Doctor: Have you noticed any other symptoms?

Patient: I have also headache. I couldn’t sleep at night.

Doctor: I think this is happening because of anxiety and bad eating habit.

Patient: Yes, Doctor. I have a lot of work pressure and due to my field work, I eat a lot of junk food.

Doctor: I will suggest you to take a break from your work and eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables etc. Besides, I am also prescribing some medicines, take them 2 times a day.

Patient: Thank you Doctor.

Doctor: Welcome. Take care.