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Dialogue between Two Friends on Borrowing a Book (Video)

There is a dialogue between two friends about borrowing a book.

Maliha : Hello Sharmin! How are you?

Arabi: I am fine. What about you?

Maliha : I am fine too. Why have you come here so early in the morning? Is there anything wrong?

Arabi: Yes, I have come to you for an urgent necessity. I need your help at this moment.

Maliha : What is that?

Arabi: My history examination will be held on next Sunday. So, I need a history

book from you.

Maliha : Which book do you need?

Arabi: I need the book of K. Ali.

Maliha : For how many days do you need the book?

Arabi: Would you allow to keep it with me for four days?

Maliha : It is okay. You can return me even after a week because my history examination will be held in the next month.

Arabi: No, I need not the book for so long time. I will return it just after my examination.

Maliha : Okay, no problem. Here is the book. Now tell me about your exams.

Arabi: Exams are going on well. Overall preparation is good.

Maliha : Well. Thank you. Wishing you all the best.

Arabi   : You are most welcome. See you again.