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DU Question/ ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় “ঘ” ইউনিট :Session-2017-2018


                                                               ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় “ঘ” ইউনিট

                                                                       ‌ইংরেজি (English)

Read the following passage and answer (question 6-10)

When it comes to dealing with violence against vulnerable groups in society, such as children, legislation is one important tool that must be enacted to deter people from resorting to violence. In Bangladesh, there are laws providing protection for children, especially girls, but these laws have often proved to be ineffective either because of an absence of stricter clauses or lack of proper implementation. These have resulted in a surge in violence in recent times. Rape, gang-rape, torture deaths and child marriage are only a few examples of violence-related cases. Formulating appropriate mechanism for the implementation of the Children Act 2013 has become an urgent need to improve legal protection of children. We must all be sensitized to the rights of children and must unite to create an environment of zero tolerance towards violence of any sort–sexual, physical or psychological against children through the implementation of the Act.

01. The most appropriate title for the passage would be:

A. Violence against children      B. The legal system of Bangladesh

C. Protecting children’s rights D. Children in Bangladesh

02. The antonym of ‘vulnerable’ is:

A. defenseless  B. illiterate   C. poor             D. guarded

03. The noun of ‘deter’ is:

A. deterrence B. deferential  C. detention     D. detour

04. Why has there been a rise in acts of violence against children in recent times?

A. Children are unaware of their rights in society.

B. There are flawed laws in the Bangladeshi legal system to punish criminals for acts of violence against children.

C. Juvenile justice remains slack in enforcing proper action to protect children’s rights.

D. The legal system today sees children as the most neglected members of society.

05. ‘Zero tolerance’ is:

A. A policy that measures intolerant behaviour of criminals on a scale that denotes zero as the negative reading.

B. A policy that imposes strict punishment for offences with the intention of eliminating them.

C. the penalty enforced against juvenile delinquents.

D. A legal term used for punishment within the armed forces.

Choose the best option:

06. The police tried to blame the accident ¾¾ the poor rickshaw puller.

A. for B. to C. over                         D. on

07. This is the school which ¾¾ .

A. I used to go B. I used to go to C. I go D. I am going

08. Neither the teacher nor the students ¾¾ to use this book again.

A. wants B. want            C. wanting        D. is wanting

09. As I ¾¾ Chowdhury’s behaviour towards me. I will not tolerate it anymore.

A. admire B. engage C. detest           D. initiate

10. Due to the continual noise from the street below, I couldn’t —— what I was reading.

A. comprehend B. bother C. pretend D. initiate

11. Farhana speaks English fluently ; ¾¾ , she knows French.

A. however B. since C. although      D. moreover

12. I think my brother has ¾¾ his friends badly and displayed selfishness for a long time.

A. respected B. treated C. acted            D. protected

13. Germany has won the football match. ¾¾¾ ?

A. has it B. hasn’t it C. did it            D. does it

14. The strength of Achilles was on his ¾¾¾¾ .

A. hill B. heal C. heel                         D. hell

15. The discovery of penicillin was a ¾¾

A. sensible B. sensational C. senile           D. sensitive

16. The Highway Agency warned drivers to be extra careful and to delay journeys if bad weather¾¾ .

A. facilitates B. persists C. hinders        D. ceases

17. Left ¾¾ himself, he would be able to complete the work in less than a month.

A. with B. on C. by                D. to

18. The correct synonym of ‘discrepancy’ is:

A. discreet B. discursive C. disagreement D. discourse

19. The antonym of ‘viable’ is:

A. possible B. impracticable C. vulnerable   D. honourable

20. One who draws maps is called a ¾¾¾¾ .

A. compositor B. cartographer C. apothecary D. curator

21. The meaning of the word ‘nocturnal’ is:

A. sleepy in the afternoon B. occurring or active at night

C. sleepless during the day D. passive during night

22. The correctly spelled word is:

A. escalater B. etherial C. estuary D. exquisit

23. What is the meaning of the idiom ‘to follow your nose’?

A. to discover something B. to follow your instinct C. to smell something D. to suspect a trick

24. ‘A piece of cake’ means:

A. Something that is very easy B. A slice of cake C. An inexperienced person D. A valueless act

25. The appropriate translation of the following sentence শিক্ষক আমাদের দেরী করার জন্য বকলেন is:

A. Our teacher expelled us for being late.

B. Our teacher detained us for being late.

C. Out teacher punished us for being late.

D. Our teacher told us off for being late.