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Experience of a Friend’s Birthday party at his/her house (Video)

Experience of a Friend’s Birthday party at his/her house

A few months ago, one of my closest friends, ‘Maria,’ had her 21st birthday, and I attended the party, which turned out to be one of the nicest birthday parties ever.

Maria invited about twenty of her friends to her home. I attended the celebration as one of her invited guests and friends, and I was surprised by how many people showed up—probably more than a hundred. The majority of people I didn’t know, but they must have been neighbours, family, and coworkers of Maria’s parents and their families. In order to avoid getting lost in the crowd, Maria introduced me to her parents. I also made a point of staying close to my pals whenever possible.

I visited Maria’s house that evening before the celebration and brought a gift for her. As I arrived, some of our friends were already there, and I could immediately see and feel a happy atmosphere all around me.

There was an abundance of food and beverages, so we helped ourselves to anything took our fancy. The 21 candles were set on the sizable birthday cake by Maria and her sister after they had been lighted. Maria blew out every candle with a single blow as we all gathered around the candle, and we sang the birthday song to her, “Happy birthday to you.” Everyone applauded and laughed, and they appeared to be having fun.

Everyone of us got a piece of cake after Maria sliced it. I cut me another lovely piece. We played games, sang songs, listened to music, and had stimulating talks while partying till 11:00 p.m.