JSC Paragraph📖Class VIII

Global Warming

Global warming [150 Words]

Global warming is a hike in the average global temperature on earth. Burning of excess fossil fuel and the release of toxic fumes into the atmosphere is the major cause behind global warming. Global warming can have disastrous effects on living organisms. The impacts of global warming are widespread and unspecific. Some areas experience a sudden rise in the temperature while others witness a sudden fall in it. The major reason for global warming is the burning of fossil fuel for energy. It has been noted that the average temperature on the earth has increased by 1.5 degrees Celsius in the past decade. This is a reason for worry as it can damage ecosystems and might result in the disruption of the environment. Global warming can be checked if we take concrete steps towards restoring the lost vegetation in our forests. We can also use clean energy sources like wind energy, solar energy, and tidal energy to check the rise in global warming.


Global Warming [200 Words]

Global warming is the cumulative rise in average global temperatures on earth measured over a long period. It has been attributed to the large scale deforestation by man for different purposes. We consume a lot of fuel annually. With an increase in the human population, it has become impossible to meet people’s fuel requirements. Natural resources are limited, and we must use them judiciously. If we exploit natural resources like forests and water bodies, it will create an imbalance in the ecosystem. Global warming is not limited to the rise in temperature. It has other effects too. Many parts of the world are witnessing natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, and avalanches. All these phenomena are a direct result of global warming. To prevent our environment from the harmful effects of global warming, we must restoring our ecosystem. Man has been exploiting natural resources without giving the environment anything in return. This needs to be stopped. We must all join forces to make this world a better place for our future generations who deserve this planet as much as we do. The basic step that we can follow to increase the overall health of our planet is planting trees. Afforestation should be our primary goal. The earth can become a better place if we pledge to plant as many trees as we can in our lifetime.

Global Warming [300 Words]

The earth is burning. And we are the reason behind it. An unprecedented rise in the global atmospheric temperature on earth can be termed as global warming. The average temperature on earth has increased by 1.5 degrees Celsius since the last decade. Global warming is not a single phenomenon; rather, a series of interlinked events that fuel the ultimate rise in global temperatures. It has a plethora of effects across different levels of the ecosystem. In some parts of the world, the effect is negligible, while in others, the effect is significant. Burning of fossil fuel and respiration by animals releases gases like carbon dioxide that escapes into the atmosphere. The heat rays reflecting from the surface of the earth get trapped in the atmosphere because of the carbon dioxide present in it. This is known as the ‘greenhouse effect.’ It is necessary to prevent our planet from becoming a frozen ball. But excessive carbon dioxide retains all the heat emanating from the earth’s surface, leading to global warming. The main gases responsible for global warming are known as greenhouse gases. The chief greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone. These gases, when present in unbalanced amounts, result in global warming. Global warming can wipe out the entire human population from the surface of the earth and therefore, must be curbed at the earliest. While the damage cannot be reversed, we can ensure that the effects are controlled to some extent. The first thing we need to do is lead a mass afforestation drive. Next, we can shift from conventional sources of energy like petroleum to cleaner ones like solar and wind energy.