HSCHSC Paragraph

Human Rights

Human rights are a set of principles concerned with quality and fairness. They are not a recent invention ideas about rights and responsibilities have been an important part of all societies throughout history. Since the end of World War II, there has been a united effort by the nations of the world to decide what rights belong to all people and how they can be promoted and protected. Every person has dignity and value. One of the ways that we recognize the fundamental worth of every person is by acknowledging and respecting their human rights. Human rights are a set of principles concerned with equality and fairness. They recognize our freedom to make choices about our lives and to develop our potential as human beings. inhuman treatment, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the rights to health, education and an adequate standard of living. These human rights are the same for all people everywhere-men and women, young and old, rich an adequate standard of living. and poor, regardless of our background, where we live, what we think or what we believe. This is what makes human rights ‘universal’. Human rights connect us to each other through a shared set of rights and responsibilities. A person’s ability to enjoy their human rights depends on other people respecting those rights. This means that human rights involve responsibility and duties towards other people and the community. Individuals have a responsibility to ensure that they exercise their rights with consideration for the rights of others. For example, when someone uses their right to freedom of speech, they should do so without interfering with someone else’s right to privacy. For example, the right to education says that everyone is entitled to a good education. This means that governments have an obligation to provide good quality education facilities and services to their people. Whether or not governments actually do this, it is generally accepted that this is the government’s responsibility and people can call them to account if they fail to respect or protect their basic human rights. Government have a particular responsibility to ensure that people are able to enjoy their rights. They are required to establish and maintain laws and services that enable people to enjoy a life in which their rights are respected and protected.


Human rights are those rights that are considered basic rights to anyone without considering any identity. Fundamental rights include human’s civil rights, social rights, cultural rights, political rights, economic rights, and religious rights, etc. Everyone has the right to keep one’s privacy, honour, nationality, family, freedom of thought and expression, association, and suffrage. Each and every country of the world adopts obligations and duties to protect and fulfill its human rights. People all over the world struggle for establishing fundamental human rights. But unfortunately, people are yet to overcome the barriers to human rights. Bangladesh emerged as an independent state as a result of a fight against the violation of human rights by the Pakistanis in different ways. Children often lack proper education, healthcare, and food. Similarly, women face discrimination and are deprived of necessities like education, food, and freedom of speech. They also face inequality in the workplace, receiving less pay for the same work as men. Moreover, religious rights are not always respected, and voting rights are not consistently upheld. To address these issues, steps must be taken to ensure women’s rights, including education and employment opportunities. Awareness programs, seminars, and discussions should be organized to educate people about human rights, especially focusing on children’s and women’s rights. Most of the women are deprived of equal labour benefits because they are not thought to be equal to men in the workforce. Usually women work longer than men but get less money. Many people cannot enjoy their religious rights. In the world the people are suffering inhumanly. Voting right is not ensured properly in our society. Proper steps should be taken to ensure women’s rights. Women have already started working in different fields. They are becoming doctors, engineers, teachers, lawyers, etc. Women should be properly educated and employed. They should be given power in different spheres of life. They should be made aware of their rights and duties. Their security of life should be ensured at any cost. Seminars and discussion meetings should be organized to highlight the importance of establishing human rights — especially children’s rights and women’s rights. People should be made conscious of their rights. It’s crucial to empower women, educate them about their rights and responsibilities, and ensure their safety and security.