Letter | Advising Your Friend / Brother Not To Adopt Unfair Means / Copy In The Exam


Chiltala, Swarupkati, Rangpur
18 June 2023

My dear Imran,
I came to know that your SSC/HSC/ final examination would start after a month.  But your preparation is not good. Mother is not satisfied with your preparation. At present , you do not stay at home in the morning and at night. Now I am telling you something very important.

I think you are planning to adopt unfair means in the exam. It is very destructive for your life. If you plan to do it, you must kill your future life.  Now-a-days some students copy in the exam hall. It is shameful. It is nothing but commit suicide. The student who copies in the exam hall may be expelled for one or two years. If a student passes the exam by copying, he will get only a certificate. He will not get a good job. Really he will be a burden to the society and nation. So I hope you will not adopt unfair means in the exam hall. I think failure is more acceptable than adopting unfair means. Follow my advice and you will be succeeded and benefited.

No more today. May Allah bless you.

Your elder brother/friend

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