SSCSSC Paragraph

My Nextdoor Neighbour


Blessed are those who have good neighbours. Neighbour are those persons who live adjacent to our house. Various types of men and women from different walks of life usually become our neighbour. But most often we have closest and warmest relationship with our next door neighbour. My case is not a different one. I am very much fortunate that I have got a very nice, friendly, co-operative and considerate gentleman, named Mr. Raihan aged 45, as my next door neighbour.  Professionally, he is a doctor working in Dhaka Medical College as an associate professor of Medicine. I find him doing his professional work tirelessly and with utmost devotion. Many a time I have heard patients call him a real idol.  Perhaps this is because of his behaving with the patients as a sympathetic and kind-hearted man. I also admire him very much. In fact he is the best person I have ever met in my life. We have an excellent relationship with him and his family. He has two very loving kids namely Kaberi and Aritro, who most often come to our house to play with us. Sometimes, in the holidays we, both the two families, go to the zoo, Shishupark or some other places. We pass a very pleasant and enjoyable time then. Doctor Raihan entertains all of us by narrating some excellent and adventurous experiences of his life. Before settling finally in his motherland he traveled many countries in the world sometimes for his professional reason and sometimes just for seeing and knowing. We can not but get amused knowing his wonderful experiences. I never get bored in his company. I feel proud that I have got such a great man as my next door neighbour. My neighbour enjoys peace and happiness in life. So I am proud of my neighbor. Social life cannot be successful and profitable without a good next-door neighbor. So a next-door neighbor plays an important role in making our life happy and comfortable. Whenever there is a problem, or someone needs help, My neighbour is always ready to lend a hand.

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