SSCSSC Paragraph

My Visit to a Book Fair

A book fair speaks of an educated and civilized nation. It brings a special enthusiasm, feeling, and pleasure to the enlightened section of the society. It also spreads the message that books are our best friends and they enlarge our vision and make our life more meaningful. Every year many book fairs are held in our country. But the book fair arranged by the ‘Bangla Academy’ is the biggest and most stately one in Bangladesh. This book fair is called “Ekushey Boimela” which is held at the premises of Bangla Academy. This book fair creates a scope for the students and other people to buy their choosen books. The book fair also becomes a meeting place for the book loving people. It is held in a disciplined and organized way. The leading publishers of our country participate in the fair and open their stalls. The fair gives us an opportunity to buy books of any category such as story books, novels, critics, science fictions, text books, dramas, children books, reference books etc. Last year, I visited the fair on 21st February to purchase some newly published books. When I entered the boundary of Bangla Academy, it seemed to me that I entered the world of knowledge. I found there hundreds of stalls. All sorts of books were displayed in the stalls. I visited different book stalls and bought some books of different writers. I also bought some earlier published books searching many stalls. I found there some contemporary writers visiting the fair. It was a special attraction to me because I could have a glance of my dream characters. I also took autographs of some writers. The discussion program and cultural function arranged on the premises attracted me to a large extent. However, the arrangement was nice but huge amount of dust in the area of book fair made the visitors uncomfortable. The authority should have considered the problem earlier.