HSCHSC Composition

Natural Beauties of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small South-Asian country. It’s area is 1,47570 sq. km. The North, The west and the most part of the east is surrounded by India, the southeast part of the east is attached with Myanmar and The Bay of Bengal is to the south. It is situated in the temperate zone of the world. It got its independence on 16 December, 1971. The climate of the country is hot and humid. The main occupation of the people in general, here is agriculture. Bangladesh is a gift of nature in richest of scenic beauty. Nature has bestowed so much beauty on no other country in the world as on Bangladesh. Her beauties consist in bounty, variety, flora and fauna.

Bangladesh is the richest country in the world regarding the beauties of nature. She is Nature’s playground. Having tropical climate she has abundant sunshine. On the other hand there is sufficient rain and cloud. Light and shade come to the land by turns. She enjoys the pleasures of sunny weather, variety of colours and displays an unending ocean of greenery. A land of eternal verdure, her beauties in the richness and variety, are simply enchanting and amusing.

Bangladesh is a country of scenic beauties. He green fields and fields overflowing with golden crops, the clear and cloudy sky, moonlit and pitch-dark night – all these present scenes of romantic chearm and beauty. The chirping of birds in the morning brilliant sunrays of glow of the setting sun on the broad expanse of the sea and river, the moon with her balmy flood of light and numerous twinkling stars at night have turned Bangladesh a land of romance and beauty. Each of her different natural regions has its own charm and beauty. There is a great number of places in Bangladesh with uncommon scenic beauty which fascinates the lovers of beauty. Rangamati, Bandarban, Cox’x Bazar, Kaptai, Paharpur, Sylhet, Coart bari and the Sundarbans, among others are blessed with the most charming natural beauty. Shuvalong spring, madhabkund cascade and mahasthangarh, all these are most worth witnessing.

Beauties of river-scenes in Bangladesh are also worth praising .Sparkling of night in the river water on a moonlit night has a spectacular beauty. Sights and sounds on either side of the river, variety and beauty are incomparable with the scenery of any other country of the world. Different scenes are presented at different times of the day. People can feed their eyes on the unbroken view of a variety of sights on the banks of a river. The grand spectacle that the river offers on a moon-lit night is simply bewitching. All around there is a deep silence which is sometimes broken by the splashing dip of oars and the songs of boatmen. The broad bosom of the river flashes like silver in the flood of moonlight.

Six seasons with there distinctive robes on come in procession, play and depart. Through there is intense heat in summer, there are the gifts of delicious fruits. Through there are floods during the rainy season. It is the season which blesses us with greenery, In autumn there is the game of hide and seek among the clouds, the blue sky and enchanting moonlight at night.In winter fields full of winter crops and golden paddy, ready for reaping , present a panoramic view. In spring Bangladesh seems to be a box of flowers whence sweet fragrance comes out.

The tall and straight trees on the sea shore look like the long hair of a lady stretching upto ankle. The bubbles collected at the edge of the sea look like a necklace of a lady. Reflection of twilight on the bosom of the sea present a crimson colour that attracts the tourists to a great extent. It’s gainsaid that Cox’s Bazar sea beach is the longest one in the world. So there is profuse wealth of natural beauties in Bangladesh, Everybody has to admit that it is a matchless beauty spot in the world. Everybody exclaims in joy and wonder at the unforgettable and unimaginable beauty of this land. On lookers are immersed in the fathomless depth of the ocean of beauty.