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Class VII; Page : 1 & 2; A Dream School


A Dream School

New Vocabulary:

Main Word Meaning Sentence
Available (Adj) সহজলভ্য/ সুলভ All students were available there to participate.
Tiny (Adj) অতি ক্ষুদ্র At that time, he lived in a tiny apartment.
Bin (N) আবর্জনা জড়ো করে রাখার পাত্র Put the bin in the correct place to use.
Facility (N) সুবিধা He gave me the facility of getting the opportunity.
Unfortunate (Adj) দুর্ভাগা We are very unfortunate that we cannot use our resources.
Improve (V) উন্নত করা All people should try to improve his skill.
Remove (V) অপসারণ We should try to remove the darkness.
Vacation (N) অবকাশ/ ছুটি Now summer vacation is going on.
Muddy(adj) পঙ্কিল/ কাদাটে The road was muddy.
Road (N) রাস্তা My house is at Kazi Motaher Hossain Road.


1.1 Look at the picture of a school. And then write 5 sentences on what you love about this school in pairs/ groups.

1. This is a picture of a well decorated ideal school

2. I love the school because it is one of the best schools.

3.  The classrooms of the school are wide, large and airy.

4. The school has a very large playground where we play sports.

5. There is  co-education programme in this school .

6. All of the students of the school seem friendly and cooperative.

7. My school also takes part in various extra curriculum activities like sports, quiz competition, speeches etc.

8. The students celebrate all national events with great zeal in the school.

9. The environment of the school seems very eco-friendly and scenic.

10. The students of the seem very proud of their school because they all study here like a family.

11. I always from God that my school and all teachers  & students there stay happy and prosperous in life.

1.2. Work in pairs. Identify which of these facilities you have in your school. Tick under yes if you have the facilities and take under no if you don’t have the facilities in your school. All are done for you.

Question Yes No
01. Do you have a playground in your school?
02. Do you have a garden in your school?
03. Do you have a library in your school?
04. Do you have a canteen in your school?
05. Do you have clean classroom?
06. Do you have enough light and air in the class?
07. Do you have comfortable benches/ desk?
08. Do you have white/ blackboard in the class-room?
09. Do you have a computer lab in your school?
10. Do you have multimedia/ projectors in the class-room?
11. Do you have a freely available Wifi network in the school?
12. Do you have pure drinking water in your school?
13. Do you have clean toilets in your school?
14. Do you have bins in your school?
15. Do you have a first aid box in the school?
16. Do you have trees and birds in your school?
17. Do you have a notice board in your school?
18. Do you have pictures/ charts on the wall of your classroom?


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