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Paragraph : A Railway Station

A Railway Station

A railway station is a place where trains stop and start for the passengers to get into and get off from the train. A railway station is very crowded. It plays an important role in the road transport system in Bangladesh. The terminal is a part and parcel of the train communication system of a country. It’s an area for trains to prevent and begin. It’s a platform for the passengers to induce down and obtain on the train. When a train reaches the station, the passengers hurry to urge off the train. People can move too far off by catching a train from the train station. The train depot helps us come back across various provinces, wearing different costumes and speaking different languages. Here we also see various sights and gain much worldly experience. At the identical time, passengers anticipating the train want to induce on the train. Passengers are found standing during a long line to shop for tickets. There is a station master’s office, booking office, ticket counter, there’s a refreshment room and room for the passengers in a very terminus. There also are restaurants, bookstalls, and stationery shops in an exceeding depot. There are plenty of small shops and tea stalls there. People buy their desire for traveling food from these shops. I visited a tea stall and drink a cup of tea. The tea was really amazing. These shops are really busy before a train arrives. It’s an awfully busy and crowded place. Sometimes the normal passengers create a quarrel. The crime ratio in an exceedingly railroad station may be a little high, I think. I found such a lot of those who are lying on the platform and over the bridge, which are maybe smitten by weed. Before the arrival of a train, the passengers collect their tickets standing in an exceeding queue. When a train arrives, the station becomes busy and noisy. Some passengers grasp the train and a few passengers get down from it. The whistle of the train, the rattling sound of the engines, the busy movements of the hawkers, and therefore the porters all make the station an area of great din and bustle. A railroad station may be a vital and essential place for the people at large. It’s an acceptable place for the beggars to hold on to their trade. it’s an unhygienic place too. The authority should cross-check it.