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Paragraph: A Rainy Day


Paragraph: A Rainy Day

Rainy Day Paragraph: On a rainy day it rains all day long. A rainy day is dull and gloomy. The sky is overcast with thick clouds. The sky is not seen. None can go out without an umbrella. Water stands on roads and roads become muddy and slippery. Those who have offices and other business go out with umbrellas over the head, shoes in hand and clothes folded up to knee. Passersby also move in the same way. Sometimes people slip and fall on the muddy road. When it rains in torrents, people get drenched and stop midway. The poor suffer much on rainy day. They cannot go out in quest of work and cannot earn their daily food. They pass the day through sufferings. Most of the students do not go to school. Only a few go to school but they get drenched on the way. So classes are not held and it is a day of great joy to them. Other people also stay at home and pass the day without doing anything. The cattle keep standing in their sheds and bellow for fodder. A rainy day is not pleasant at all. The clouds in the sky overcast the sun and give relief from the scorching heat on a rainy day. The weather on this day is extremely pleasant and such weather works wonders on our senses. It fills our heart with a joyous feeling. I just love rainy days.


Rainy day comes as a musical surprise for all, bringing a luscious climate and chilling weather. Dark clouds shower water droplets over the earth underneath them. The climate becomes pleasant – not too cold, neither too hot on a rainy day. A rainy day cleans the flora on land and makes everything look new and fresh; as a result, the greenery around us reveals its lush green colour. A rainy day is also suitable for irrigation and increasing the yield, and also for opening up the prospects of conserving rainwater for the future, for it helps to refill the natural water bodies of earth. It gives a new lease of life to the animals that have been struggling in the absence of water. It is nature’s way to resuscitate the earth and the life on it, bringing the benediction of freshwater for all the flora and fauna that depend only on natural water resources. Rainy Day is also suitable for agricultural activities, as many crops depend entirely on rain. It plays an immense role for farmers as it helps them in the growth and nourishment of crops. Water becomes abundance; rivers, canals and water bodies get swelled up and teeming with life on a rainy day. Rain brings various reptilian and amphibian species out of their hiding like snakes and frogs. At households, many hot delicacies are prepared for the inhabitants to enjoy the cold weather. Rainy Day is best spent sitting on the balcony of your house and sipping on hot coffee. Rainy Day brings out the best of nature but also the people who are seen happy in the rain. People use umbrellas to travel in the rain and remain dry. But there’re also worse sides to a rainy day. Sometimes, an elaborate amount of rain can cause damage like floods and bring disruption in our work. It also worsens the daily life of underaged people, making it hard enough for them to make both ends meet.

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