SSCSSC Paragraph

Paragraph : A Rickshaw Puller

The man who pulls a rickshaw for earning bread is called a rickshaw puller. A rickshaw puller is quite a familiar figure in cities and towns. He lives in a worn-out house in a slum with his family. He gets up early in the morning, wears a shabby dress and goes out for passengers. A rickshaw puller is a poor man. He toils hard for the whole day, from morning till late night. His life is hard. He earns his livelihood by driving a rickshaw. He pulls the rickshaw in scorching sun, at chill winter nights and even in heavy rains. He is a useful member of our society. His service is in equal demand in cities, towns, villages and metros. It is the rickshaw puller who takes us to those places where other means of transportation are not accessible. A rickshaw puller is dressed poorly. Sometimes his clothes are torn. Some of them are bare-footed. They do not have a pair of shoes. During winter a rickshaw puller is not sufficiently dressed. He does not have enough clothes to protect him against cold. Sometimes, he has to pull the rickshaw even while he is not well. He has to earn bread for himself and his family. He has not enough money to take proper treatment. His children too remain in poverty. He is too poor to afford their education. A rickshaw puller carries goods as well. He himself drenches in rain but carries people and goods safely. The life of a rickshaw puller is very tough. He toils hard for the whole day without rest. He has no proper food to eat, nor does he take rest. Often, he spends his night on platform, in parks or on pavements. Sometimes he crawls up in his rickshaw and spends his night in it. Some rickshaw pullers have their own rickshaw, while many hire from others. They have to give fixed amounts to the owner of the rickshaw everyday. He has to give the amount even when he is not well or earns nothing during the day. We should not be ruthless with the rickshaw puller. We should have pity for him.