SSCSSC Paragraph

Paragraph: A Tea Stall

Tea is a popular hot drink all over the world. Bangladesh is home of tea. The people of Bangladesh are very fond of taking tea. So, a tea stall is a common place to all classes of people at any corner of our country. A tea stall is a small shop where tea is prepared and served to the customers. Biscuits, bread, bananas, betel leaf are also available here. It opens early in the morning and closes late at night. It is usually found near any educational institutions, bank, factories, mills, industries, at the turn of the road, in the train station or steamer ghats. It is not well-furnished. Even in some stalls there are no chairs but benches. A tea stall has normally two parts. In the front part, there are chairs, tables and show-cases. In the other part there is the kitchen. A boy is employed in a tea stall. Sometimes, the owner himself serves as the boy and the cashier. A stall can be termed as the mini Sangsad of the villagers. Different kinds of people gather here. They refresh themselves with cup of tea and discuss politics and different social affairs. Thus a tea stall is a noisy, chaotic, crowded, dirty and busy place. Today a TV set is also seen in a tea stall both in towns and in villages. It is such a place that gives the villagers an opportunity to share joys and sorrows of daily life. Really its utility cannot be ignored. A tea stall is a meeting place of all types of people and it can play a vital role in making people aware of enjoying their leisure time. In order to make a tea stall a healthful place, it should be kept neat and clean.