SSC Paragraph

Paragraph : A Wedding Ceremony I Attended

Marriage is the eternal bondage of two opposite gender. This event comes at a time of every human’s life. This day is mostly observed by the people of various castes and creeds. In this respect, I had an opportunity to enjoy the feast and festivities that were provided on the occasion of the wedding ceremony. Last week, I enjoyed a wedding ceremony. It was held on the occasion of my cousin. This enjoyable ceremony took place on the 15th instant in our village home. Really it was an attractive ceremony. The whole house was festooned with colorful papers and paper made flowers. There was illumination of multicolored electric lights around the house. The bridegroom and the bride were dressed in gorgeous wedding dresses. About two hundred guests attended the ceremony. Then the formalities of the marriage were completed in a cordial environment. The tables were full of dishes with delicious foods. Some of my cousins served the guests sincerely. The wedding feast was full of pleasure, laughter and hearty conversation. I met many of my relatives after a long time. The farewell scene of the bride was very pathetic. Then the newly married couple got board on a green colored car and started for the residence of the bridegroom. I felt much delighted that the occasion gave me the opportunity to meet many in one place and to enjoy a pleasant evening. The scene will remain ever fresh in my heart.