HSCHSC Paragraph

Paragraph : Bad Effects of Smoking

Smoking refers to inhaling smoke produced from burnt tobacco contained in the cigarette. It is admitted by all that smoking is a  bad habit. It gives nothing to a smoker but gradually leads him to death. People generally smoke thinking that smoking relieves them of tension. They also think that smoking increases smartness. One becomes addicted to smoking through the bad association and out of curiosity. Smoking affects the smoker very dangerously. It causes many fatal diseases in his body. It causes cancer, heart diseases, bronchitis etc. Nicotine of tobacco badly disturbs free circulation of blood through veins. It also hampers the supply of oxygen in the body and damages the lungs of the smoker. Smoking irritates the eyes, offends the nose and unsettles the mind.  Smoking causes cough in the old age of the smoker. It causes various social evils. Even a non-smoker is affected by the smoking of a smoker. Every year a lot of people die because of smoking habit. Smoking is a curse on humanity, and so we must prevent it. With a view to preventing smoking, people should be made aware of the grave consequences of smoking. Pompous advertisement on smoking should be strictly banned. Above all, we must save ourselves from this dangerous habit.