SSCSSC Paragraph

Paragraph: Child Trafficking

Child Trafficking refers to illegal transportation of children for forced labor, slavery or any other kind of exploitation. Child trafficking is a crime banned under law in every nation of the world; still the practice continues in poor and developing nations. Even trafficking children for the purpose of adoption is a crime. According to the data provided by the International Labour Organization (ILO), nearly 1.2 million children are trafficked every year. The crime of child trafficking has serious human rights implications and results in mental and physical trauma for the children. Child trafficking is an ongoing severe issue, and child sex is the ugliest form of child trafficking. The trafficked victims are forced to work in strip clubs, bars, brothels, and even private ones. These children experience adverse physical, mental, social, and emotional effects. Child trafficking victims are subjected to anxiety, trauma, depression, and other psychiatric disorders, and some may even contract STDs. Some victims develop alcohol or drug addictions. The push factors of child trafficking may be unmatted family needs, poverty, and unemployment. At the same time, the primary pull factors are drug issues, cash, etc. Many poor children and families are lured into the trap of high wages of child trafficking. The trafficked children are transported to different parts of the country or the world using illegal documents. They are subjected to ill-treatment and are forced to steal, beg, and even beg. Sometimes, children are trafficked for unlawful organ transplantation. The trafficked children are sexually and physically abused and are sued for sexual activities. Sometimes children are kidnapped from their families and are deported to unhealthy and unhygienic environments. These activities have a significant impact on the growth and overall development. Prevention of child trafficking must be given grave importance through the implementation of severe Laws and legal regulations to prevent and save children and other victims of child trafficking.