HSCHSC Paragraph

Paragraph :Diaspora

The term ‘Diaspora’ is used to refer to people who have left their homelands and settled in other parts of the world; either because they were forced to do so or because they wanted to leave on their own. the word is increasingly used for such people as a collective group and/ or a community. The world has seen many Diasporas but scholars have been studying the phenomenon with great interest only in recent decades. Among the great Diasporas of history is that of the Jewish people, who were forced to leave their lands in ancient times. The movement of Arryans from Central Europe to the Indian sub continent thousands of years ago is also a noteworthy Diaspora, although the causes of this Diaspora are unclear. In twentieth century history, the Palestinian Diaspora has attracted a lot of attention and been a cause of concern for world leader because of the plight of Palestinians. There have been massive Diasporas in Africa, too, over the centuries, either because of war or because of the ravages of nature. But the chief reason why the phenomenon of Diaspora is attracting so much attention now is globalization. In the twentieth century, after the world war-II the Jews started gathering in Palestine. With the help of western power, they formed a Jew land in Palestine named Israel. The Palestinians are now forced to leave their homeland. They are becoming Diasporas in different countries of the world. the political turmoil in the middle east, which includes places like Syria,Libya and Iraq, is driving these people into Europe and also many other countries. A lot of people have become Diasporas in Africa, too, over the centuries. Most of the reasons behind it are ravages of nature. However, now the main reason of Diaspora is globalization.