HSCHSC Paragraph

Paragraph : Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction means a strong attraction to take any kind of harmful drug to get exciting feelings.  Normally it is formed as a bad habit of using non-prescribed medicine. Opium, Heroin, Morphine, Yaba, Phensidyl, etc. are the main drugs taken in our country. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, frustration is responsible for drug addiction. Secondly, lack of family ties is also responsible for it. Thirdly, failure in love cause addiction. Besides, a bad companion also helps one to form this habit. There are many bad impacts of drug addiction. Drugs create some kind of dreamlike feelings and the drug taker forgets everything for some moments and lives in a world of hallucination. It causes a lot of harm not only to the addicts but also to the society and nation. Drugs tell upon the human body terribly. The addicts feel drowsy and their nervous system gradually becomes weak causing damage to their brain. Drugs lead the addict to decay and death. When the addict fails to arrange money to buy drugs, he commits various kinds of social crimes and becomes dependent on others. Now the problem is going out of control day by day. Both the government and non-government agencies should come forward to increase awareness of this. Parents may cure their addicted son and daughter and help them to live happy and peaceful life in society.


Drug addiction is problematic both for physical and mental condition. It is also destructive for society. As drug contains nicotine, tobacco and many illegal substance it is seriously injurious for health. Though it gives a different feel or amusement for Sometimes but it does big injury to health. Mainly young boys and girls are addicted to drug. It obviously has particular reason. In the young generation emotional breakdown, educational damage and frustration, lack of love, family problems, sexual abuse etc work more. At a time they become depressed and go towards the way of drug addiction. There are some other people who pushes drug into body as curiosity. There are different kinds of drug including alcohol, eyaba, heroine etc. When a person takes drug he cannot control himself. It is a serious problem for society. Again different dangerous disease like blood cancer, brain cancer, heart attack, lung cancer are caused by drug. Though drugs give relief from depression for few times it is not good for health. Repeatedly nobody likes a drug addicted person. No one respects a drug addicted person. Rather they hate them. A drug addicted person is a curse for society. Though there is rehabilitation centre for drug addicted people but it is quite difficult to get them rid of this addiction. Drug is injurious for health. As young people get easily addicted to drug, family and friends should stay beside them. They should give them support and love. As a result they can get out of depression and anxiety. It helps to release their pressure. Social improvement and advanced mentality can help in case of reducing drug addiction. So, we can not but stay away from such illegal substance called drug and make a healthy Society.