SSCSSC Paragraph

Paragraph : Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction means strong attraction for taking harmful drugs. Drug addiction has now become a serious problem of our society both in towns and villages. many young men and women are falling victims to this. It is a curse which ruins them completely. People became addicted to drugs for many reasons. Frustration is one of them. Unemployment problem, political unrest, lack of love and affection, family problem, etc. lead a man to frustration. Young generations mainly become victim to it. it leads a man to death. Drug addiction destroys us morally, physically and financially. For this reason, a drug addict cannot lead a normal life. As young generations are the future of the country, they should be aware of the harm of drugs. Besides we cannot allow this to go on unchecked. We must fight against this social cancer. The first thing to do is to highlight its dangerous effect to the people and make them aware of this deadly enemy of social life. The mass media can play an effective role in this respect. Seminars and discussions and debate should be held in schools, colleges and universities.  However, there are medicines and counselors to treat such people and help them quit consuming drugs. Some of these patients are also admitted to rehabilitation centers where they are given proper treatment not just to fight drugs, but also to depression and anxiety. The government alone cannot solve this problem single handed. People must co-operate with it.