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Paragraph: Earthquake

Nowadays earthquake has become a buzzword in our country for a few special reasons. In fact, Bangladesh lies in the active earthquake zone. Recently it is frequently felt in Bangladesh. But the people of our country are not conscious enough about the gravity of this dangerous natural calamity. If any major earthquake occurs in Bangladesh, most of the buildings in most city areas will be destroyed as they are not built in accordance with an earthquake-resistant code. Moreover, a group of experts says that the repetition of quakes in recent years should be taken as a signal for a major earthquake. Another group believes that the matter shouldn’t be amplified though there are a variety of fault lines within the geographic area of Bangladesh, none of them are active enough to pose a major threat. However, in order to protect us from such an impending danger, everybody must be conscious of the causes and results of the earthquake.
Bangladesh is a land of natural calamity. People here survive fighting against natural disasters like floods, cyclones, drought. etc. Recently people have become very much concerned about a calamity, and that is an earthquake. Earthquake means the terrible shake of the earth. It leaves a vast trail of devastation and brings untold sufferings. The after-effects of an earthquake can not be described in words. The whole air of the affected area is filled with the heart-rending cries of the people who get narrowly escaped for their dear and near ones. No rescue work is possible as there is a destructive fall out all around. The sufferings of the people beggar description. Only a vast trail of devastation is seen. Houses and buildings are collapsed. People become shelterless. They have to starve. The most pathetic scene is that there are many dead bodies under the piles of havocs. They decompose and stink a foul smell. It vitiates the whole surroundings. The volunteers are seen pulling the decomposed bodies out of the broken buildings and bricks. Really it is a pathetic scene. It is too impossible for a man of flesh and blood to describe the scene. Today the people of Bangladesh specially the educated people are very much aware of earthquakes. The people living in the multi-storeyed building are also aware of earthquakes because they have come to know that most of the buildings in Bangladesh are not built according to earthquake-resistant building codes. To reduce the loss the following precautions as safety measures against earthquake can be taken. (i) An earthquake-resistant building code should be made which should be followed as mandatory. (ii) The RAJUK should be very much strict in giving plans for the construction of multi-storeyed buildings. (iii) Experts should mark the fault lines. (i) Moreover. public awareness should be created. Because we all know that we should think of the consequences before doing anything. If the people become aware of the havocs caused by the earthquake. they themselves will take safety measures against earthquake. (ii) Constructions of buildings should not be allowed in the fault lines where there is the possibility of earthquakes.
Simply speaking, Earthquake means the shaking of the Earth’s surface. It is a sudden trembling of the surface of the Earth. Earthquakes certainly are a terrible natural disaster. Furthermore, Earthquakes can cause huge damage to life and property. Some Earthquakes are weak in nature and probably go unnoticed. In contrast, some Earthquakes are major and violent. The major Earthquakes are almost always devastating in nature. Most noteworthy, the occurrence of an Earthquake is quite unpredictable. This is what makes them so dangerous. First of all, the shaking of the ground is the most notable effect of the Earthquake. Furthermore, ground rupture also occurs along with shaking. This results in severe damage to infrastructure facilities. The severity of the Earthquake depends upon the magnitude and distance from the epicenter. Also, the local geographical conditions play a role in determining the severity. Ground rupture refers to the visible breaking of the Earth’s surface. Another significant effect of Earthquake is landslides. Landslides occur due to slope instability. This slope instability happens because of Earthquake. Earthquakes can cause soil liquefaction. This happens when water-saturated granular material loses its strength. Therefore, it transforms from solid to a liquid. Consequently, rigid structures sink into the liquefied deposits. Earthquakes can result in fires. This happens because Earthquake damages the electric power and gas lines. Above all, it becomes extremely difficult to stop a fire once it begins. Earthquakes can also create the infamous Tsunamis. Tsunamis are long-wavelength sea waves. These sea waves are caused by the sudden or abrupt movement of large volumes of water. This is because of an Earthquake in the ocean. Above all, Tsunamis can travel at a speed of 600-800 kilometers per hour. These tsunamis can cause massive destruction when they hit the sea coast. In conclusion, an Earthquake is a great and terrifying phenomenon of Earth. It shows the frailty of humans against nature. It is a tremendous occurrence that certainly shocks everyone. Above all, Earthquake lasts only for a few seconds but can cause unimaginable damage.