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Paragraph: Female Education


Female Education

Napoleon once said “Give me an educated mother and I will give you an educated nation”. This statement is enough to prove the importance of female education. Women are the half of our total population. So, female education is badly necessary to make half of our population literate for a balanced way. Once a time, female education was seriously neglected in Bangladesh. Our women folk could not get the chance of education for various problems. Early marriage and the narrowness of our outlook were mainly responsible for this. Parents thought it waste of time and money to educate their girls. However, the scenario is changing nowadays. At present, girls are being encouraged to study and admitted into schools, colleges and universities. Government has also taken some steps to educate our .female children. Education for girls up to Degree level has been made free with a monthly stipend. This encourages them to continue their education. We should remember that only educated women can change the picture of our society. We hope the literacy rate of women in our country will increase substantially in near future. There is a great necessity of female education for a nation in every nook and corner. We all should try heart and soul to encourage the universal female education for the interest and greater welfare of the nation. Otherwise, real development and prosperity will be hampered at every step of our life.

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