HSCHSC Paragraph

Paragraph : Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination means the unequal treatment between male and female. It is a great problem in our country like Bangladesh. It begins at birth and continues throughout the women’s life. Social prejudices, customs and evils of dowry systems are the causes of gender discrimination. Most parents want to have male children. They think that male children can contribute to the family income more than the female children. Besides, male children are necessary for the continuance of family lineage. Moreover the parents have to give dowry to the daughter’s husband at the time of marriage. So the birth of a female child is regarded as a cure. She is born to an unwelcome world. Poor and illiterate girls are the worst victims of gender discrimination. They are deprived of the right of education. The poor parents consider their daughter education wastage of money. So, their prime aim is to marry off their daughters. Gender discrimination has some long term negative effect on the body and mind of the girl. They develop a sense of self effacement, self denial and inferiority. They are given less food than the male children. So they suffer from malnutrition. Women become victims of torture because of gender discrimination. Only education can remove gender discrimination. An educated girl can stand on her own feet. She becomes conscious of her rights. She also commands the respect of people around her. We must give up our traditional view and attitude towards women. We must raise mass consciousness against gender discrimination.