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Paragraph : Human Rights


Human Rights are the ones that a particular citizen of a country is supposed to enjoy. All human beings are born free and they are entitled to enjoy all equal dignity and rights. Basic human rights include freedom of speech, freedom of belief, freedom of the press. right to education, right to food, shelter, etc. One should have the independence to express one’s views and ideas without interruption from others. Again, we should have the freedom of stick to what we believe to be correct. All individuals have the right to the basic needs like food, education, etc. All individuals have the inherent characteristic of rationality and conscience and they should put them into action when necessary. All individuals should act towards one another in the spirit of brotherhood. Citizens of a country should enjoy full freedom and should have the right to go to another country and be back whenever they wish. Again, all individuals have the right to be safe in their own country and hence their protection should be ensured by the government. The condition of human rights in our country is not up to the mark. specially, the children and women are deprived of enjoying human rights. Because the rural women are neglected even today and bereft of fundamental rights. So, to improve their condition, the people from all walks of life side by side the government have to come forward to extend their helping hand. Every citizen  should have a clear idea about the area of his/her rights. In absence of this idea, no one can enjoy his/her rights properly. This happens mainly because of ignorance.

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