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Paragraph : Mobile Phone

Mobile is a technology given by science in this scientific era, which is good only if we use it properly only for a limited time when needed. The invention of the mobile phone given the world a new look. It has made human life very easy due to which it has become a part of today’s daily life. Mobile Phones have entirely revolutionized our way of living. Excessive use of mobile phones can affect our physical and mental health Today smartphones are the devices that provide all the facilities that a user needs in his/her daily life, such as email, notebook, Bluetooth, high-resolution camera applications, television, video call, and many other computerized applications that a human being can just think. Just everything has both positive and negative aspects mobile phone also has both advantages and disadvantages. The first advantage of mobile phones is that with this we can talk to any person in the world from any corner of the world. Using this we can send messages to each other. We can also make photos and videos from mobile phones. On mobile, we can use the internet so that we can read all the information available on the Internet. If we go to any new place, then with the help of mobile, we can also see the map and our current location. Mobile phones are now being used for women’s safety as well, with the help of some apps, the message reaches relatives or known persons as soon as a button is pressed so that the known persons can help the women quickly. Nowadays, with the use of mobile phones, we can easily transact money without going to the bank. We can also do online shopping from home via mobile phone. Today’s smartphone can easily perform almost all the work done on a computer. Mobiles have become a good source of entertainment, we can watch movies and TV news, listen to music, and play video games on the mobile phone, etc. We can access any emergency services such as Police, Fire, and Medical as per our requirement. Children play games for more time. This will hamper their studies. Children have been addicted to mobile. People have become addicted to using social network sites, apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp for a longer duration. Excessive use of mobile phones weakens the eyes, which may lead to several eyesight-related issues in the future. Mobile also affected our real social life because of our so much busyness on social media. Mobile radiation is very harmful to our health. Today’s generation has become so much addicted to the smartphone that they keep checking their mobile again and again without any reason, due to which they are unable to do their important work correctly. Nowadays people keep talking on mobile while driving, which distracts them and the accidents happen. More use of mobile also weakens the memory because we save everything in the mobile itself and do not try to remember. Excess use of smartphones is a waste of time as most people waste their precious time watching the phone without any reason. If we use the mobile to a greater extent, then it can also have very serious consequences. therefore, we should use mobile for a limited time only. It is very small portable and easy to carry. It is a very important thing in my, life, can contact easily with my friends and family member by calling or sending messages anywhere in the world. Surviving without a mobile phone in this era is very difficult. It is considered a faster mode of communication.