HSCHSC Paragraph

Paragraph: Modern Technology

Present time is the time of science and technology. Modern technology is a great gift for modern civilization and Society. We observe the use of technology in all sector of our life. The most significant matter is that the technology is getting modernized through nonstop research of science. Science is always useful for us. We cannot think of our modern lifestyle without the blessing of science and modern technology. Now-a-days technology is being used in the sphere of education, industry, medical treatment, information and communication technology, household activity and space technology. Modern society is a blessing of technology. The apply of technology had made our life easy and comfortable. A huge number of daily necessary products are made by the help of modern technology. Such as medicine, cosmetic products, game, food, automobile, cloths etc. Computer, radio, television, refrigerator, airplane, internet, cell phone, telephone etc are the gift of modern technology and science. Moreover, modern technology has presented us speedy vehicles like car, bus, airplane, train, steamer, launch etc. We can easily communicate to any person of the world in a little time. We use technology in sea, space to gain benefit and welfare. Modern technology made impossible thing possible to us. It can be used for greater benefit of mankind if it is utilized smartly and judiciously. They are some demerits of technology too. The atom bomb, hydrogen bomb etc. which was made by the help of technology is dangerous for mankind and the world. In example, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed by atom bomb by USA. As a result, a large number of people die. So technology should be maintaining some criteria that conserve the rights of human civilization and the environment. It should be applied wisely for more welfare of mankind and the world.