HSCHSC Paragraph

Paragraph: Natural Disaster in Bangladesh


The life of people of Bangladesh has often been shaped by tragedy. Because, Bangladesh is a land of natural disaster. Floods, cyclones, tidal-bore, excessive rainfall, drought etc are present phenomena for us. In the recent years our country has experienced a great number of natural calamities. Among these cyclone is the most devastating. It usually occurs in summer and generally originates from the Bay-of-Bengal. Sometimes it is accompanied by thunders and heavy showers. It causes a great havoc. A lot of people and others animals die. Dwelling houses are blown away. The tidal bore and the heavy showers wash away the store of food stuff. And it also leaves the marks of terrible damage. Outbreak of various diseases such as cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, fevered is follow soon after the disaster. We cannot prevent natural disasters. Since people have no control over nature. But what is more important is we can reduce the great loss to substantial extent by taking precautionary measures. Using modern technology’s help the weather forecast, a prior warning can be given to the people who are likely to be affected by the cyclone the inhabitants of the coastal regions of Bangladesh are the worst sufferers of natural disasters. So, these people and their domestic animals can be shifted to the cyclone shelters. The number of cyclone shelters should also be increased. Moreover, a quick relief, medical treatment and essential medicines should be made available the affected people just after a terrible natural adversity. Along with the government, we the people of upper class society should go among the affected men and help them as far as we can.

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