JSC Paragraph📖Class VIII

Paragraph : Obedience to parents

Obedience to parents means to obey the order of our parents. Children should do their best to obey their parents. Children should not argue with their parents, refuse to help them, or make a fuss over every small matter. Our parents deserve the highest of regards from us in the world. It is through them that we have seen the light of the world. When we are born we were in a helps condition. We could not have lived if they had not taken care of us in our infancy. They took care of us when we were children and could not, help ourselves. They watch over us when we are ill and do their best to make us good and happy. For us, they work from morning to night. So it is the duty of every person to obey his parents. Our parents wish our good. They sacrifice their comforts and pleasures for us. So it is proper that we should honor and respect our parents. We are all to our parents. So we should try to please them in all possible way. It is our solemn duty to support them in their old age. God is pleased with him the Holy Quran. According to Hindus scripture, if the parents are pleased, all the gods and goddesses are pleased. Lives of great man tell us that they were good sons above everything. Hazrat Bayazid Bustami, Hazrat Abdul Quader Zilani, Pandit Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar were the best example of this sort of obedience. It follows, therefore, that if we wish to prosper in life. We should love and obey our parents and have our trust in them.