JSC Paragraph📖Class VIII

Paragraph on A Mobile Phone

A mobile phone is a small device. It’s used to call people. It’s one of the modern inventions. We can take with people with mobile phones. We can send messages to them with the phone. Now people can do everything using a mobile phone. They can check the time and play games with mobile phones. The mobile phone has made people connected. Mobile phone is useful for people who live outside of the country and live far. They can be connected to their relatives with mobile phones. In this case, the mobile phone is like a blessing for us. We can use the device and talk to people. The Internet has made it easy to connect the world with mobile phones. We can find anything with a mobile phone staying at home. The mobile phone has our daily life easy. The world is changing every day and the mobile phone has brought much change in our life. Radiation can come from mobile phones. So many people negatively use mobile phones. They involve in crime using mobile. We should stop negatively using a mobile phones. We have to take an attempt to reduce the negative impact. Don’t let children use more mobile phones. Nowadays children stay busy with mobile phones more than before. Don’t let them stay busy with mobile phones and play more games. The world is called a global village because of mobile phones. The mobile phone has connected one part of the world with another.


A mobile phone is a wonderful invention for information technology. It is a cordless phone by which we can communicate and talk to others in the shortest possible time. Before the mobile phone was invented, communication and the messaging system were very hard. But the mobile phone has now lessened the distance of the world. Everyone can bear it with him because of its small size. Thus, it has turned the world into a global village. It is a pragmatic and interesting matter that nowadays messaging and internet system has been added to it. Using a mobile phone set one can take photographs, browse the internet, watch video films, manage world files and so on. An ultra-modern mobile phone set is indeed a mini-computer. All these factors have made it popular among the users. Though it was a sign of aristocracy in the past, now it is found in everyone’s hand in our country. Grameenphone, Citycell, Robi, Banglalink, Teletalk, Airtel and some other mobile phone companies provide us this service. However, with all the merits, a mobile phone has some demerits too. It is injurious to our health. It harms our brain when we talk through it. The excessive use of mobile phones often causes fatal diseases like brain tumors, cancer, etc. So, we should be conscious of using it. But yet, we can say that it has made our life peaceful and comfortable. Though it has some demerits, it is truly a blessing for modern life.