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Paragraph on A Village Fair


A village fair is a huge gathering place for men, women, and children. It’s an annual affair. A village fair is where villagers meet to buy and sell goods. People in the village gather to sell and buy goods here. A village fair usually sits on the river bank or temple courtyard. It is held on the beginning day of Baisakh or the death anniversary of the holly man. It lasts a day or a week. A village fair is a kind of display. Many kinds of people bring their handmade articles to sell and display. Many exciting things are sold at the village fair, including clothes, cheap ornaments, cosmetics, dishes, articles made of bamboo, and sweet sweets. There are some attractions at the village fair. The main attractions are Jatra, circus, puppet dance, magic show, etc. The utility of a village fair is many. It encourages cottage industries, artisans, artisans, potters, and weavers. In a village, the fair has some weaknesses. It Has No Proper Sanitation Gambling parties are often seen at a village fair. It is a noisy and unhealthy place. The pickpockets gather there. A village fair gives us many joys and pleasures. It is a source of recreation. It gives us relief from our monotonous life. So there should be more fairs held for the prosperity of our culture.


A village fair is an annual gathering of the people. In a village fair, the people gather to sell and buy local products. It brings excitement and amusement to the village people.  A village fair sits once a year. It is generally held on Bengali New Year’s Day. It is also held on the occasion of religious festivals. It is generally held in the months of Baishakh, Poush, and Chaitra. It lasts for a day, a week, or a fortnight. Men, women, and children gather here in large numbers. A village fair is held in some open place. In the village fair, there are no permanent sheds. Temporary sheds are built for the sale and display of the goods. The dolls, wood works, earthen pots and jars, bamboo-made baskets, fancy goods, and sweetmeats are sold in a village fair. They sell cheaply. There are many attractions of a village fair. Jatra, circus, kite-flying, merry-go-round, magic show, and puppet show are the chief attractions of a village fair. Circus parties often bring tigers, bears, monkeys, and elephants. They show funny games. Flutes, kites, and toys are also attractions to the children. Young girls buy Churhis and cosmetics.  A village fair is of great use to the villagers. It provides for the amusement of the village people. It helps small-scale trade and business. It encourages the local industry and agriculture. It is like an exhibition. The weavers, artisans, blacksmiths, and carpenters earn money by selling their products.A village fair has some defects. It lacks proper sanitation. This increases the risk of spreading epidemics and diseases.  A village fair is useful to the people in many ways. For the people of the village, a village fair is a source of enjoyment. It is closely related to our life and culture.

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